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By: Patterns

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-01-07

Developer: William Beaudot

Price: 4.99

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Create an infinity of mathematically-defined images !

"Patterns" is a tool to create 2D patterns based on mathematical expressions. "Patterns" can help students improve their math skills by getting some visual intuition of 2D mathematical expressions as function of cartesian (x,y) or polar coordinates (r, theta). Graphic designers can take advantage of "Patterns" by using mathematical expressions to create fancy icons or illustrations. Vision scientists can also use "Patterns" to create their favorite visual stimuli for inclusion in their publications or create new ones when on the road without any need for scientific software.

Multiple expressions with quasi-unlimited number of variables can be combined to produce from simple to complex patterns. Pattern images can be saved to the device's Photos Album at various resolutions, and emailed from there. A list of favorite patterns can be also stored for later retrieval or modification.

"Patterns" is easy to use:

- The name of the currently edited pattern always appears at the top of the main panel ( "Default Pattern" indicates the temporary pattern),
- Touch the mathematical expression to edit it: both standard keyboard and calculator-like keys can be used for this purpose,
- All expressions should lead to a mathematical formula describing the pattern in the range [-1,1]: z = f(x,y,r,theta),
- The expression background turns red when a syntax error occurs, and white when the expression is valid,
- Press the "Update" button to validate the expression and return to an updated preview of the pattern,
- Touch the pattern preview to export it to Photos Album at one of the available resolutions,
- Press the "List" button to display a list of favorite patterns,
- To create a empty new pattern, click the'+'button,
- To duplicate a pattern in the list of favorites, select it and provide a new name,
- Click the "Edit" button to remove or rename any favorite pattern (except the "Default" pattern),
- To return to the main panel and visualize the expression and preview of any favorite pattern, click on its blue disclosure button,
- Press the info button in the main panel to access the app settings: some post-processing to apply on the pattern preview can be specified.

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