Sound Touch Lite

On March 29, 2010
Sound Touch Lite

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By: Eran Talmor

Version #: 1.3 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2010-03-27


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Your little one will delight in playing Sound Touch. Just touching any of the pictures in this app will let the child hear the sound that the animal or item in that picture makes. Let them learn while having fun with Sound Touch. Click“…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

"" Score: 10/10 (March 16):
"Sound Touch: Simple Name, Simple App, Fantastic Toy" (FULL VERSION)

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Reached no.1 in Education in US, and was featured on "New and Noteworthy" (FULL VERSION)


Greap App!! ***** (FULL VERSION)
by Brightlight27 - Version 1.3 - Mar 19, 2010
My 22 months old daughter loves this app and it's so easy for her to use on her own. The frequent updates are great and it always means we'll have more items to see! This is a must have for parents!

Awesome! ***** (FULL VERSION)
by Lethalantipathy - Version 1.2 - Mar 2, 2010
"My 11 month old loves this app! It's amazing!"

Toddler Favorite ***** (FULL VERSION)
by GK Photography - Version 1.2 - Mar 4, 2010
"My 21-month old son loves this app. He scrolls through each of the categories and will hit the buttons repeatedly. Works great when he's cranky, too! I've downloaded dozens of children's apps and this is one of only about five to which he keeps returning."

You hear your child laughing at the sound of a monkey and you smile. The giggling stops, replaced by wonder as the sound of an approaching train fills the air. Once again, you are amazed at how much fun your little one is having while learning about the sounds of life.

Sound Touch is a fun, gentle way to teach small children about the sounds associated with animals, vehicles and musical instruments. Each of the four categories has twelve different items, all brightly and colorfully displayed in a way that appeals to little kids.

All your child has to do is touch a picture to hear the sound that goes a long with it and see a full screen photo that matches the animal or item they’re hearing the sound for. Each item has four different sounds and four different photos, so you know that your child is getting educated while having so much fun.

Lite Version Features:
* Child merely has to touch picture to hear sound
* Four categories– transportation (12 items), farm animals, zoo animals and musical-instruments (1 item)
* Bright, colorful images that little kids love
* Each item has 4 different sounds and photos
* Shaking the iPhone repeats the last sound
* Children love the fun; parents love the learning

Full Version Features:
* Four categories– farm animals, zoo animals, transportation, musical-instruments
* Each category has 12 different items
* Musical-Instruments category features known classical music

Download this precious app for your little one, now. Sound Touch will teach them a lot but you child will just think it’s fun.

See this App in action here: (Full Version)

Coming soon in the next free update: a brand new household category.

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