Assassin’s Creed: Pirates Review – Blackbeard is rolling in his grave

On February 7, 2014

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Assassin’s Creed: Pirates Review – Blackbeard is rolling in his grave

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By: Ubisoft

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-12-05

Developer: Ubisoft

Price: 4.99

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I’m usually really afraid when it comes to mobile editions of console classics. These usually end up as watered down and substandard deviants that developers make just for an extra couple bucks. Unfortunately, Assassin’s Creed Pirates falls into this category.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is stale and boring, as it encompasses repeated grinding with not much variety. Players take control of their ship to explore uncharted waters, and along the way do battle in classic RPG turn-based style. But this proves to be painfully repetitive and stale as the game progresses, and there really isn’t much of a point to try and beat the game. The game feels draggy as it is peppered with annoying dialogue that although provides useful information and should be listened to, sounds like an irritating nag.

A plus point for Assassin’s Creed Pirates would be that one does not have to understand the plot of the other games in the series to digest the storyline of this game; it acts pretty independently on its own. Another one of its saving graces would be that graphics are pretty decent albeit not the very best. But what a shame the battles did not fully utilize the game engine for it would have been a marvel to watch sophisticated sea fights. Maybe then, the game would not be half as dull.

Priced at $4.99, the game has a surprisingly reasonable tag for such an entrant. But I would still not recommend it for the most part, although diehard fans of the Assassin’s Creed series might want to give it a go for continuity’s sake.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Hard

Who Is It For:Assassin's Creed fans

What I Like:The graphics and concept are pretty decent

What I Don't Like:The game is dull and boring. Overly repetitive.

Final Statement:Blackbeard is rolling in his grave.

Read the Developer's Notes:
***ATTENTION: this application is only compatible with iPhone 4S and higher. We can not guarantee a satisfying gaming experience on iPhone 4***

“Outstanding visuals and music”

“Definitely worth downloading.”
“A solidly entertaining pirate game.”

Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin's Creed adventure on smartphones and tablets!

Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious captain, a pirate eager to take on the fiercest of enemies...

Break all the rules, challenge empires and make your own fortune!

Fight in real-time naval battles all over the Caribbean Sea.
Choose from a wide range of weapons to destroy your enemies and become a true pirate legend!

Acquire the most iconic boats of the Golden Age of Piracy; ranging from the smallest gunboat to the Man O’War floating fortress
Upgrade your vessel using the massive bounty plundered from your encounters
Recruit the finest crew members and learn more than 50 new pirating techniques to become a better captain and the true master of naval combat.

Changing weather conditions directly impact the gameplay and redefine every landscape.
Beware of storms and of the treacherous fog that will conceal your enemies until the last moment!
Bask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautiful sunsets and sail through the night along breathtaking coastlines.

Sail throughout a vast array of islands as you explore a Caribbean huge map
Enjoy more than 50 story and side missions, search for nearly one hundred treasures and lost parchments and compete with your friends for the highest bounty.

Live an adventure that will reveal the truth about La Buse’s mysterious lost treasure.
Cross paths with Assassins and Templars and take part in their age-old struggle.
Meet the most notorious and colorful pirates of the era, including Sam Bellamy, Ben Hornigold and Blackbeard!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

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  • David William

    From what I saw in the trailers, before the launch,
    I really thought that Assassins Creed: Pirates would be a winner. I mean, it
    was looking pretty sleek and it’s without a doubt that players had big
    expectations. This is a fair review though; many of those who have played it
    are saying nearly the same thing about the game! Quite a shame, I was really
    excited to get it!