BeSpeak – Review

On June 16, 2010

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BeSpeak – Review

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By: BeSpeak Inc.

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2010-06-15

Developer: BeSpeak Inc.

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I’ll be the first to say that I can’t dress myself to save my life.  Now, I can put on a shirt and pants and even underwear beneath, but I have the color coordination capability of a canine (news flash: dogs are color blind).  Fortunately, if you’re a suit shopper, BeSpeak has you metaphorically covered in that regard.

The app is a unique concept.  You input personal information such as hair color, eye color and body type and the program recommends a suit ensemble for you in terms of colors and patterns.  The app itself doesn’t recommend them.  Fashion designer Alan Flusser does.  The app just outputs his recommendations.  If you don’t like the first recommendation, you can get another from a set.  Best of all, the program is free.

Upon first use of the app, you create a profile of yourself with the relevant information, then the app does the rest.  It is possible to move the created swatches around for different views of the varying colors.  Also available within the app is information about Alan Flusser and his philosophies as well as shilling for his book.

Despite these assets, the app does have several liabilities mostly due to its own limitations.  For example, if you have an iPod touch, the app only works with an active data connection.  Another issue is the app only works with suits.  Supposedly, enhancements are coming down the road which would work with more casual clothing.

Overall, the app can be handy for the indecisive male when suit shopping, provided there is an active data connection..

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:At this price? Certainly.

Learning Curve:Low to Medium.

Who Is It For:Males with no fashion sense.

What I Like:Good concept.

What I Don't Like:Could use some more capabilities.

Final Statement:If you need a suit and don't have a fashionable friend to help, then BeSpeak up.

Read the Developer's Notes:
 Alan Flusser has sold more books on men's fashion and style than anyone else. BeSpeak provides individual dressing advice directly from the expert.
- Create a personal profile based on hair color, skin tone, eye color, face shape, body shape and size.

- Get profile-driven outfit recommendations.

- Instantly evaluate new outfits on-the-go.

- Coordinate clothes from your wardrobe.

- Input a loved one’s profile and take the guesswork out of gift giving.

- Build the ultimate closet by storing profile-perfect clothes.

- Develop dressing style skills.

BeSpeak provides guidance for men's business formal outfits (suit, dress shirt, tie, and pocket square). Dressing well is easier than you probably think. The difference between looking presentable and looking incredible lies in having a style personalized for you and you alone. And that’s exactly what the BeSpeak app does – it provides personal recommendations and fashion evaluations based on your unique physical characteristics. It's like having the ultimate personal stylist at your fingertips.

Who is Alan Flusser? 

Mr. Flusser attracted national attention for designing Michael Douglas' wardrobe in the movie "Wall Street", as well as acclaim for his work on the films "Barbarians at the Gate" and "Scent of a Woman" with Al Pacino.

Alan is the president of A.Flusser Designs founded in 1979. He received the Coty Award for Top Menswear Designer in 1985 and the Cutty Sark Award in 1987 for his first two books' "unique contribution to the literature of menswear."

The author of four books, his "Dressing The Man: Mastering The Art of Permanent Fashion", published by Harper Collins in 2002, is considered the definitive work on the subject of men's style. Just released is an updated edition of his 1996 classic "Style and the Man."

In 1988, Alan was placed on the International Best-Dressed List as a permanent member.

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