A Simple iPhone Image Processing Library

On March 20, 2009

200px-Valve_sobel_with_angle_colour_(4).PNG.pngChris Greening has put together simple-iphone-image-processing, a “simple C++ class with an Objective-C wrapper that provides a set of common image processing tasks” as well as UIImage conversion.

So what do you get..?

  • http://www.prime31.com Mike

    Thanks for the code. I was actually in the process of doing this myself in pure C. I got as far as edge detection, R/G/B adjust, gamma adjust, greyscale and a few others.

    Is there a way to use the lib with a UIImage as input in color?


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  • http://www.gonzobrains.com Jeff

    do you have any functions that can “warp” an image? like put dents in the image or stretch out the image (like a face shot).