This Week in iPhone News – October 16/2009

On October 16, 2009

In App Purchase Now Available for Free Apps Huge news that should make waves in the App Store.

iPhone SDK Development Recommended reading. Book available in eBook or paper book formats.

Tweetie 2 The popular Twitter client “Tweetie” for the iPhone has been reinvented. Try it today.

Ansca Early Adopter Program Latest beta of Corona, the Flash-like alternative to Objective-C, now ready to submit apps to store.

Mobile Orchard Workshops iPhone OpenGL Programming Class is coming to the Bay Area Nov19-20. Save $200 with “mo” discount code.

Tapity A nice new blog related to iPhone development.

Squatters Abusing iPhone App Store Have a great idea for an iPhone app? Think you have the best title for it? Well think again.

Palm’s Full Monty Details about Palm’s app store. Summary: 125 apps, 7.55MM installs, you’ll pay $50/app you put in the store.

Photoshop Arrives on iPhone Another big news item this week was Adobe’s release of their scaled down version of Photoshop that is currently available over the web is now available for the iPhone.

App Store Dev Sick of “Whining Morons” Raises Price of Alchemize Game to Forty Bucks One iPhone developer’s idea on how to deal with negative reviews regarding the price of his app.

360iDev – USB Drive Materials If you missed any of the 360iDev conferences, here’s the latest archive of the presentation files that are either new or changed since the conference started.

The Two App Stores An interesting analysis of the current state of the iTunes App Store, how customers use it, and how you can leverage it.

How the iPhone’s App Store Could Stimulate the Flash Economy

Alienate Your Female Customers? Pepsi Has An App For That Pepsi recently published an iPhone app that had the potentially unintended effect of insulting some members of the female demographic.

Piracy in the App Store (from 360iDev) A great overview of the current state of piracy in the iTunes App Store by Pinch Media.

Google Adds Options to iPhone Search A recent update to the mobile web version of Google’s website includes search options.

The Six Most Fail iPhone Cakes On a lighter note, take a look at some of these unintentionally funny iPhone cakes.

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Google Wave’s Little Secret: It Already Works On The iPhone With Google’s recent announcement of their Google Wave beta comes the little known fact that it already works for mobile devices, including the iPhone via Safari.

iPhones Can Do Some Pretty Amazing Things

Objective-C’s Niche: Why It Survives in a World of Alternatives An excellent and highly recommended article overviewing why Objective-C is a language that is worth knowing.

Gamasutra on Android Game Development A prominent iPhone developer’s (Jeff Lamarche) opinion on a recent Gamasutra article that reviewed the current state of Android game development.

Accessorizer A great time-saving tool for Cocoa developers.

Striking It Rich: Is There an App for That? “Seeking fortune and fame, entrepreneurs rushed to create programs for Apple’s App Store. That’s not always what they found.”

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