To date Apple has paid App Store Developers over $4 billion

On January 27, 2012

A while back we reported that Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, predicted that developers would favor Android when deciding which platform to release their apps on, well Eric these numbers tell a different story. According to numbers released by Apple they have to date paid developers over $4 Billion in revenues.

It took Apple two years to reach the first $1 billion which was achieved in June, 2010. This past summer the number had reached a whooping $2.5 Billion, which meant a doubling in just over a year.

At the release of the iPhone 4S in October, Apple announced that they had sold over 250 million iOS devices, the App Store had seen an estimated 18 billion downloads, and they had paid more than $3 billion to developers. Now when looking at the numbers for the fourth quarter of 2011 you can see that Apple paid developers more than $700,000 during this timespan, increasing the total number to roughly $4 billion.

While Google has recently reported  reaching sales of 250,000 mobile devices, Apple continues dominating the market after seeing more than 67 million iOS products being sold during the holiday quarter, Apple can now announce a total sale of more than 315 million iOS devices.