Top 5 Super Bowl Apps for iPhone, iPad

On February 2, 2012

Top 5 Super Bowl apps for iPhone, iPad

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and like any other American national holiday, the App Store becomes inundated with related games or informational apps. Here are five that I consider to be the best, but of course this is strictly my opinion and the concept may vary from person to person.

5.  Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials – Almost as popular as the game itself are the unique and expensive commercials that advertisers seem to use only once a year. Let us not forget that Apple’s famous “1984” ad was aired during a Super Bowl. For a good six-year history and video samples direct from YouTube of great and no-so-great Super Bowl commercials, this app is well worth the $2. You can even share the videos on Facebook. Did I mention it works for both the iPhone and iPad?

Super Bowl Commercials for iPhone

4.  NFL Mobile – Verizon Wireless’ app allows you to keep up with the current action and has access to sources that aren’t official NFL ones (such as ESPN) on your iPhone or iPad. There are even live streams for certain football-related television channels. While NFL Mobile is free, this very informative app is only available for Verizon Wireless customers. AT&T folks (or anyone outside the United States) will have to go elsewhere.NFL Mobile for iPhone

3.  Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App –  The NFL seems to put out a lot of the good Superbowl apps (albeit with partners).  You’d think they have an inside track or something.  This is another one and unlike the previous ones, this one costs a little money … $3 to be precise.  It’s a magazine app intended only for the iPad and has beautiful photo spreads of the action, stats and video provided by media sources such as The Daily.  As with the official game program, the app contains a history of this season and previous Super Bowls.

Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App for iPad

2. SB XLVI Guide – Also an NFL app, but this one is intended for those attending the Big Game live rather than via TV.  It gives suggestions for restaurants and nightlife in Indianapolis, has an app for mapping your parking spot to find it later and includes a 3D map of the stadium.  It also integrates with the NFL’s social media center, NFL Huddle.  This app is also free and can be used on both the iPhone and iPad.

SB XLVI Guide for iPhone, iPad

1.  Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program – This iPad app makes a great souvenir for the game, but one warning:  it’s HUGE.  400 MB minimum with a recommended 1 GB of free space on your iPad.  The reason for this is the sheer amount of multimedia content (it helps when the app is put out by the NFL, who owns footage of all games).  It includes past Super Bowl highlights and the history of the season leading up to Super Bowl XLVI.  If you have the space on your iPad and are an avid football fan, this one is practically mandatory.

Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program

So these are my picks for the best Super Bowl iPhone/iPad apps. What are yours?

[photo: NFL]