Win Free Copy of "All the C You Need to Know"

On January 19, 2013

This time we have teamed up with Bill Dudney to organize a Giveaway of his latest book “All the C You Need to Know”, this time one lucky winner can win a free copy of the book.

Keep reading to find out how you can be the winner!



  1. This short book helps Objective-C developers understand C, the base language underneath Objective-C.
  2. After finishing this book you will have a much deeper understanding of the C language and how many of its features are used to give Objective-C flexibility.
  3. If you’ve ever wondered why the NSError ** parameter at the end of many Foundation APIs has two asterisks instead of one this is the book for you.

Read more about this book here

How to Enter?

All you need is leave a comment below and we will randomly choose one lucky winner, it’s that simple.


The contest will close on 30/01/13  PT. The winner will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

  • Kamel

    “All the C You Need to Know” will not be all I need to ship an app but it is all I need to get started. Kamel

  • bg


  • Vladimir

    Hello, The book looks good, would be nice to win it 🙂

  • First One 🙂

  • i love c and want to lean more about the language

  • Would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    pick me

  • Ahmer

    I’d be interested in reading this.

  • Adriano

    It would be a great companion to my Core Audio project!

  • Been interested in this book since I heard the author on a podcast.

  • Dan

    I wonder if I can learn anything from “All the C You Need to Know” that I didn’t already learn from

  • well I guess it’s time to learn C

  • Devgiant

    This book will be a good addition to my small technical library…

  • Amazing book. Cant wait to win it±

  • Will

    Sounds great. I’d love to get a copy.

  • I want to learn more C. My first language was Objective-C, so it suites me!

  • Bruno

    Good luck everyone! Time for some C!

  • I’ve read some of your other books and would love to read this one!

  • Jason

    Looks like a good read.

    ($9.99 / 52 pages in case anyone else was unable to view the iBooks page on their phone.)

  • Nice book… The sample chapter looks great… If I dont win, I’d buy it 🙂

  • Brian

    Sounds like just what I need to help me get into objective C programming!

  • Terry

    I always wonder how I can do better with my work by adding some qualified C code into it.

  • Marek

    I am the lucky one!

  • bernd

    Seems nice, I’ll take it 🙂

  • Alexei

    Count me in.

  • Kenneth Paulino

    Looks like this book will give me a better understanding of the underlining C.

  • Jack

    Want to learn enough C

  • Matte

    Would love to add this to my autodidact library.

  • kukathe

    Nice book!

  • I’ve been developing in Objective C for a few years now, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes you just need C.
    Which means I just need this book 🙂

  • Allen Baker

    I’ve taught C, but thought it was going out of favor till I ran into Objective-C. I can never have too many good reference books.

  • jim

    its a good start to build a base knowledge.

  • Harquson

    Would be good to refresh my C knowledge.

  • Would love a copy of this book.

  • Ron Green

    Would love to have a copy of this book.

  • Jairo Storckmann Junior

    Looks good

  • slothbear

    need more C!

  • teevus

    The book looks great… just what I need so hoping I’ll win 😉

  • Favio

    The book seems good,

  • chakri

    Hi there ,

    I am new to Objective C, would like to have this book.

  • Gregory Hill

    I have loathed C for decades, now, but have gotten passingly good at it since I started iOS programming three years ago. I believe it was Jeff Lamarche who said a couple of years ago that to be a really good Objective-C programmer, you had to become a good C programmer. I have reluctantly reached that same conclusion. This book looks like the perfect addition to any Objective-C programmer’s library.

  • tim1724

    I have a decent understanding of C, but the book looks fun.

  • Hari

    Finally I will be able to understand, why we are providing a NSError object to many of the API’s even though it’s returning NULL every time 😉

  • Tom G

    Looks good! 🙂

  • triMel

    A good book is a great asset to any programmer. Hoping to get this one free

  • Koz

    Love me some programming! Would be great to have for my iOS meetup.

  • sure would be nice to have a copy of….:-)

  • Terry

    I like Bill with his iOS SDK Development book (2nd Edition) ..this will be a great additon. Thank you editors!

  • Me

    I just don’t get why people think they can make Objective-C apps before learning C. No wonder there are lots of buggy apps.

  • Alec

    Hit me up, I need this!

  • Roma


  • Splons

    Looks great — hope I win.

  • Michael

    Pick Me 🙂

  • I’m running a startup specialized in iOS development I’m sure I can learn a lot there !

  • Hi All, Thanks for your interest! Good luck!