Fix "Cannot connect to YouTube"

On December 2, 2009

Cannot connect to YouTube

This tutorial will guide you how to fix “Cannot connect to YouTube” issue.

“Cannot connect to YouTube” is one of common problems that will appear on jailbroken iPhone, and usually comes together with Push Notification and GPS issue. If your iPhone has not jailbroken yet, you can read How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.1 Firmware (Windows). This problem rarely happen to Factory Unlocked iPhone, and often happen to Hacktivated jailbroken iPhone.

1. Open Cydia on iPhone.
Cydia Icon

2. Choose More Package Sources
Cydia Home

3. Scroll down and choose iPhoneModding, Install.
iPhoneModding Source Install

4. Choose Confirm and wait until the process complete. Then, Return to Cydia.
iPhoneModding Confirm Complete

You should remove applications, which support push notification before install push fix.

5. Choose Search from Cydia menu, find and choose Push Fix, then Install it.
Push Fix Search Install

6. Choose Confirm and wait until the process complete.
Push Fix Confirm Complete

Now, every time you open YouTube, you will not see “Cannot Connect to YouTube” message again.

Cannot Connect to YouTube Fixed

You may also re-install applications, which support push notification and it should works.

  • Milan

    I did this and it did not work

  • Jeremy

    I don't know what the hell you're talking about it worked for me

    • Sid

      worked as instructed
      thx dude, i was really getting annoyed cuz my youtube wasnt working

    • harry

      i have a empty screen when i open more package sources
      what should i do now?

  • Bartman

    I have an iPhone 2g, 3.1.2 firmware, jailbroken with blackra1n and unlocked with Boot Neuter. The steps above worked PERFECTLY! THANKS!!!

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    THANK YOU!! This worked great on jailborken 2g iPhone 3.1.2!!! You saved my life~

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    Thanks brother, I love you.

    I have been so desparate these last few weeks since the new software came out to get my 2g working again.

    It has been driving me nuts. Every is now sorted. I hope we can be friends for life.

  • tse

    the best one try a bunch of youtube v non of them work. buty this on work with the frist try thanks

  • Jacob

    What does it mean when it says 'Host not reachable' when trying to install the Push Fix?

    • The site might be down, or you have bad internet connection.

      • Adrian Battle

        Please help. I just downloaded updates for Cydia because I wanted to fix the youtube problem but afterwards all my apps are gone. You can only see the name of the apps. Can you help?


      • Adrian Battle

        Ok I fixes that problem. I'm during the second step when you tell us to press 'Install" at IPhoneModding mine says "Modify"

  • neek

    worked perfectly – thank u!

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    thanks.. did work very well with my iphone,, without reinstalling applications w/ push notification features..

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    i meant…………. without REMOVING" APPLICATIONS..

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    omg thanks so much i tried everything this was the only thing that worked!


    This fixed my blackra1n Jailbroken version 3.1.2!!! Thanks

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    It worked after reinstalling it. First installation did not worked.

    • anonym

      yeah same here had to reinstall

  • Michael

    It definitely works! I had to reboot phone though…… thanks!

  • finalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy this work 100 % just follow the steps I tried many others with no success , thank you ! its possible you have to reboot and then will tell you you not suscribed to a data plan ,so you have to enter you apn again for tmobile carrier is ,
    trabaja perfectamente solo sigua los pasos gracias saludos de honduras cualquier pregunta me avisan!!

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    worked like a charm. Thanx

  • Thank you very much. I've been trying to find a solution for a while.
    This was and easy fix on my broke 2G. And it worked.

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    Legend, works. Vodafone in Ireland. Thanks a million

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    nvm i did it anyway lol. nd it works ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  • Brandon

    Won’t my iphone lock itself if i reboot it.

  • Brandon

    Won’t my iphone lock itself if i reboot it?

  • The MiB

    Thanks dude.. this i the great fix.. you are the god

  • Ella

    Worked PERFECT! THANKS! Wonderful to have Youtube on my Jailbroken 3gs.

  • Bruno

    WOW….I have been trying to get youtube to work for 2 months. My Cydia will not stay open so I downloaded Rock and followed the same steps and it worked, Great

    • ranjith

      where did u find iphonemoding in rock?????pls tel me…..

    • ranjith

      i got it!!!!!!!

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    It didnt work the first time, but second time installing it prompted to 'reboot', then it worked.. Thanx!!!

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    i did it and it works, thanks a lot

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    Wahhhhh! Why didn’t it work for me! I still get the bloody cannot connect to youtube message! i hate it!

  • braenann

    Didn't work the fist time i installed it, and my WIFI didnt work, removed it, reinstalled now everything works fine so far. Thanks Man!

  • Tay Zondaz

    HEY THX a lot!! But I almost thought it didntยฌยฅt work, but I forgot to reboot!

  • Baboo

    Ran this on my iPhone 2G 3.1.2 – jailbroken with Blackra1n and unlocked with BootNeuter. Worked. Reboot takes a while and I had to reacquire my WiFi.

  • zarahsayed

    Lovely solution !!! U r a star

    Just to add that if some1 does not want to remove the push suppoted applications before installing “Push Fix” from cydia, alternatively u can just “TURN OFF” the push notification by going into the specific application settings, and then install “Push Fix”

  • Rose

    It really works! Thank you!

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    It worked perfectly for me!!!

    I have an iPhone 2g, 3.1.2 firmware, jailbroken with blackra1n and unlocked with Boot Neuter.

  • bilal

    "Push fix " is not available any more , plz tel me what to do

    • asri

      I can't find "PUSH FIX"?what I suppose to do..I do follow all the instruction,but can't find it either.Plz help me..thnks

      • I just re-tested and the Push Fix is still there.

  • bilal

    sooooory, i found it and i works, thnxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • baldbentrider

    Thanks for this help, I have been looking for a fix to the youtube for about a week and am new to the unlocked Iphone.

  • visitor

    Bought an jailbroken iphone FW 3.1.2 and realized the youtube problem.
    Googled the problem and got me on this page.

    The instruction was easy and it worked like a charmed in less than 5 minutes. THANKS

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  • Hi there, your instructions worked perfectly – many thanks!

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    I followed the above instructions to a t and I still get the "Cannot Connect" messege do you have any idea why?

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    Quite simply it works. Thank you so much for this link, I have been struggling with youtube for 5 months and nothing would fix the problem but in 5 minutes with this link everything now works. Brilliant

  • Jd

    Just did this and it works !! Thanks dude. Awesome

  • Sunsak

    Works perfect. For guys that complains it isn't working..
    1.Go thro' each of your apps and make sure they dont' have Push ON and turn'em off.
    2. After the reboot, reset your wifi settings. goto an other website and make sure your wifi is working. Your mail setting pwd. might also have been reset. check and makesure of it too.
    3. Then try Youtube. it works fine.

  • LaloC

    Fck damn sucker bitch hahaha it worked for my iphone 3g perfect without eemoving apps only rebooting and entering wifi password fuck im really happy thanks greetings from mexico!!! Rok on!!!!!

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    You so totally rock dude!! it worked for me!!! Thanks!!! I had to run through it twice but it worked the second time!!

  • Thanks you Rock!!!!!

    Iphone 2G. with new update 3 and jail-broken. worked the first time around. keep the good work. You really know your thing.

    Thaks again!!!!!!!!

  • Sly B

    It worked for me, 2g, 3.1.2, thx awesome.

    Does anyone know fix like this for MMS, pref. for t-mo ?

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      Many thanks!

  • shres

    It worked for me at the second try.
    The first time, my Wi-fi got worse and did not even detect any networks.
    Then I uninstalled the "Push Fix" package and re-installed it.
    Works perfect now.

    One thing I found different on this instruction is the part that it tells us to add source through "more package source" whereas other website I have seen tells us to add it through "manage" function on cydia. I don't know if this is suppose make a difference but it did to me ๐Ÿ™‚


  • alamin

    How long does it take to download the packages and update the sources? My phone has been on the same screen for like 15 mins. Please let me know.

    • It shouldn't take more than 5 mins. Try again.

  • Bill

    I tried to get Push Fix from Cydia and it couldn't find it.. help

  • panga

    cheers mate

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    thnks dear its working i have 2g 3.1.3 jb youtube not working but after this its work welll

    thanks again

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      hi how did you that??
      i have a 2g with 3.1.3jb and i cant make youtube works
      please help!!

  • 1967_jason

    it did work for me…tnx

  • Gina

    Successful!!! Just followed the instructions exactly. For me at the end of following all the steps I had to reboot for it to take effect.

  • Smack

    Fixed my youtube problem but now none of my push notifications work anymore. I tried reinstalling those apps and still no luck. Notifications are on as well.
    Any ideas?

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    Cant beleive, its working yar, thanks a lot !!!

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    I salute you, kind sir!

  • I can confirm that this works on jailbroken iOS 4. Thanks!

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    work perfectly. thank you sooo much.

  • Brian

    Fix worked and fixed You Tube, but now I cannot connect to the itunes store over wifi. I can connect over Edge. Any thoughts?

    • Brian

      Scratch that… after signing in under Settings>Store, things seem to be working.

  • Dass

    Hi Bro ,

    You have done a good job. Now you have to another one. Can you please help explain how to make my iphone 2g to be a modem . Tethering. Thanks

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  • Srujan (Hyderabad)

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    Plz tell me the clear instructions to upgrade process for 3.0 to latest 3.1.3. (for unlocked iphone 3G version:3.0)

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    Again, amazing!! You should get a medal!!!

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    Thanks AGAIN!!!

    ps: I have a 3G running with 4.0.1 firmware!!

  • Tino

    Hi everybody,
    I had the same problem, but I used a simpler solution that works. Is there anyone that could tell me if there is anything wrong and why my way is not good enough? Here is what I did: from the various apps listed in “GOOGLE” (iPhone) chose YOUTUBE, saved it “ADD TO HOME SCREEN” …that’s it!
    Thanks for any comments.

    • MG

      This is what I did too (before I read the Cydia fix) but, now I have two Youtube Apps. That bugs me a bit.

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    WORKS. iOS 4.0

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    I can't seem to install iphone modding. Cydia gets stuck saying Downloading package! Please Help!!

    • anton

      check if you have rupertGee(in cydia), remove it, and try again

  • kapilkapil

    I can’t seem to install iphone modding. Cydia gets stuck saying Running and Downloading Release but not completing from last 2 hour. Please Please Help!!

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    Worked for me. Thank you very much. Before, I even had trouble with YouTube through Safari. This fixed the problem. Two thumbs up!!!

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    worked like a charm – iphone 3g w/ ultrasnow – reboot phone, disable push and renable the option in apps that support Push Notifications, reneter WiFi passwords and you're all set.. TY

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    thanx a bunch…followed step-by-step instructions and the "can not connect to youtube" is now a thing in the past ๐Ÿ˜€

  • TOM

    HELP! I applied this, it worked great but…one should know that you will have to REDO all your mail passwords, your wireless network passwords, etc.

    BUT…now I keep getting messages from AIM FREE and YAHOO IM from random people when I'm not even logged into AIM or YAHOO or the program is not running. I get like 4 an hour and it's notifying me on the screen. When I click REPLY it starts AIM or Yahoo but there is no message waiting. In fact, I'm not even logged into either of those services. It looks like I'm getting conversations of others and it's quite annoying!

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled these apps, but it still happens.


  • Bisi

    Thanks, it worked for me. I had iPhone 2G on 3.0 and all of a sudden my youtube started throwing this error. When I went to Cydia, it started giving the error 'sub-process bzip2 returned an error code 2'. It still gave when I tried to install IPhoneModding and then Push Fix. But then I went ahead and ignored all the messages. After installing these, my wifi settings were gone. I just rest my wifi settings and then you tube started working again.
    Thanks for this solution. However I didnt know why it stopped working in the first place!

  • rocky

    Thanks a lot it worked smooooothly ..

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    I searched for Push Fix in Cydia and Cydia isn't finding it. WTF?

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    HELP!! my BF is having this problem and his phone is jailbroken for another company instead of AT&T…will he have to RE-jailbreak it after doing this?

  • Michelle

    my BF has this problem…but she wants to know that if her phone is already jailbroken for another carrier instead of AT&T, will she have to RE-jailbreak it after doing this??
    P.S. she has the very first iPhone

    • Michelle

      also…does she have to reboot it?

  • Michael

    Ok so I have the very first iPhone and did EXACTLY as shown here and it processed BUT at the end of installing Push Fix it says "Reboot Device" iPhone is jailbroken for T-Mobile….if I reboot it I'll have to Re-jailbreak it right??

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    running iphone 3G 4.0OS

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    thanks so much – worked great. i just turned off all the push notifications (ultimately just email and facebook and general notifications). phone rebooted as part of the process and then i had to reenter wifi and email passwords and everything is perfect.

    (jailbroken / 3.1.3 / 2g)

  • Gary

    I have been fighting this dang message for a week and finally ran across this post. I’m sure happy people know what the heck they are doing cuz i don’t. Thanks for the great tutorial, it worked, and I never deleted my push apps, just made sure they were all off.

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    Love you folks.
    I was frustrated to see error on youtube on my 2G 3.1.3.

    This solution works on 3.1.3 2G as well. Though, "push fix" had to be installed & re-installed second time and hard reboot.

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    Thanks this also works for 3.1.1. Thx again!

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    my youtube and push all worked fine till end of July 2010, it suddenly cannot connect. But now i find that there’s a safari-compatible version of youtube available, so i use safari to watch youtube instead of youtube app. Anybody facing same problem?


    Thank you soo much ๐Ÿ™‚ was getting rather annoying ๐Ÿ˜› random error came from no where! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    It did need to reboot, but it worked perfect.
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    i am using iphone 3G OS 3.1.2

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    i changed the date & time 'cause they were wrong and then everything went fine

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    Anybody can help me??? Thanks.

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  • push fix not there… ๐Ÿ™

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    works like charm! thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Great work! The fix worked for my 2G phone running 3.1.3.
    If only you can fix my iphone4 which is draining battery very quickly inspite of low usage.

  • kdizzle

    I am running a jailbroken 4.0.1 iphone and this worked for me after restarting! Had to re-enter my wi-fi password but otherwise YouTube works fine.

  • dude did all dis, doesn't work for my Iphone4 please help ๐Ÿ™

    • Mine was working fine. Try to jailbreak using limera1n.

  • yes it's working thanks

  • Dudeboy

    Cool, but how can i get the push notifications to work without uninstalling all of my applications? Should i just turn it on and reboot or would i have to reinstall the program?
    I'll try and see what works.

    • You can just turn-off the notification, install, reboot, then turn it on again after reboot.

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    I see some pol can't find push fix on cydia so I search first and just my luck push fix is not there only have push notification toggles or something like that and I don't know what to do as I have my 3g 3.1.3 unlocked almost 2month now.
    And any idia how can I install mms for photo MSG as well please.
    Thank you for your time n help

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    it worked! and was totally easy. i had to re-enter my password, but whatevs. the youtube works again.
    —2g running 3.1.3 unlocked & jailbroke via redsn0w

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    I have an iphone 3G on 4.0 , this fix worked perfectly.

    Thank you for posting and sharing this.

    I could never find 'push fix' until now.

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    It work on my i4 running 4.1 fw
    I used to install source then search in cydia for push fix … It's the same thing and it work
    Thank u

  • abhi

    Works like a charm … iphone 3G 8 GB.. firmware 4.0.
    Installed via Cydia exactly as mentioned above.

  • nasa88my

    Working for me for iphone 3GS

  • Clov

    Worked for me! Running a cracked 1st generation iPhone with firmware v 3.1.3. Didn't concern myself with the push notifications. This fix reset some of my settings, like wifi passwords and the phone passcode lock, so put your phone through its paces to make sure it's still setup the way you like.

  • new iphone user

    I first tried push fix using another url but it didn't work. Followed these steps above and got You Tube working on my iphone 2g 3.1.3. Thanks a lot!!!!!

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  • Worked!!

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    Worked for me also. Muchas gracias!
    iPhone 2G, 8GB, iOS 3.0– (jailbroken with Redsnow)

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  • i have a jailbroken iphone 4 on 4.2.1, jailbroken with greenpoison an when i install iphonemodding it says at the end the method driver could not be found!! but it seems to be installed, an when i go to search it does not show anything for push fix!! any idea what the problem could be??

  • arun

    Perfect!!! works magically… Initially it was not installed due to few network issues, so I removed it-> rebooted the device -> again installed -> now I followed the same process -> works fine now

  • arun

    Thanx dude..

  • arun

    @micky: follow my steps bcos i faced the same sort of issue and got fixed..

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    does it work for MiTube, cause im still getting the “cannot connect to youtube” message

    • I don't know, I don't use MiTube. Will try out later.

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    This worked for me 100% and it was so easy. Thank You very much.

  • Linda

    I just followed these instructions and now my phone will not connect to wifi. It is possible the two are unrelated, but my other devices can connect to my router and the signal is good. I am not sure how to fix this on my phone since I can't connect it to anything to fix it. It is a jailbroken 1st gen phone running OS 3.0.

    When I first boot up the phone, I see a check mark by my network, but it disappears immediately. Then, when I select it to connect, I get the message "Unable to join the network "(name)" " Of course all the other networks nearby are password protected.

    The first time this happened I was prompted to enter my password and did so. It was unable to connect then, and ever since I am getting that same message but have not been prompted to enter my password since.

    Of course I will look into this on my own, but has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas?

    (I really would prefer not to re-jailbreak)

    • Yes it has even happened to me once, I just "Forget this Network" button and re-enter my wi-fi password (re-setting also if you have specific settings on iPhone's wi-fi configuration).

      • Linda

        Thank you! I wound up just resetting my network settings and that did the trick, but I think your way is simpler. I tried to come back and post a followup comment, but couldn't find my comment for some reason.

  • smtsth

    this does not work on my iphone 3gs 32 gb ios 4.3, bb 6.15.

  • shyamaldilan

    cannot find PUSH FIX in Cydia…. pls smbody help ..

    tx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Evachennn

    I had the same problem and could not find Push Fix in Cydia, nor could I even install iPhonemodding for whatever reason ๐Ÿ™ any help?

  • Jim

    Offline Deb Pack.

    Download what you need,
    Install via : IfunBox, just copy paste into CYDIA directory ( your iphone should been jailbroken FIRST)

  • jon

    i have an iphone 2g on 3.1.3
    i followed the steps above, except deleting push notification apps.
    rebooted the device, opened youtube, then asked for the wifi password, seemed to connect to wif but came up with 'cannot connect to you tube' again.
    i again went on to reinstall push fix, rebooted the device, and the wifi will not connect, its greyed out in the settings app with no option to connect. i had to delete push fix, and reboot to make wi fi work.
    not sure whats going on, i do have yourtube itergrated in youtube. and i didnt delete push apps, would that be the problem? any ideas?

    • Just disable the push notifications, no need to uninstall.

      • JON

        still not working hmph!
        are there any other external 'youtube' apps like mxtube available on cydia, do you know

        • rteng

          have you found a solution to 2G @3.1.3? I am having the same issue and I tried push fix and it doesn't seem to fix Youtube. I don't have a similar WiFi issue, however.

  • Jon

    Turned off notifications, wifi now works but still no YouTube, may be something to do with dtunes being installed? I’ll try deleting that…

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    this solution id clear , simple n quick !
    u r awesome

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    Hi need a bit of help I have an iPhone 2g 3.1.3 firmware and some tried to be helpful and decided to install push notifications from cydia coz i had the same "cannot connect to youtube" problem and now the phone is restarting continuously!! Please help any advice will be greatly appreciated

  • Merlinoboy

    When I choose More Packages Sources, it says:
    Unable to Load
    (The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be "" which could put your confidential information at risk.)

    How can I get rid of this?

    • Jim

      You probably have the iPhone's clock set to the wrong date/time. This will hose up security certificates.

      Mod worked for me as well, Thanks!

  • Thanks Jim, it worked!

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    Worked perfectly, great post!

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    Do you think this is connected to my disappeared FaceTime? My phone reset itself and I lost all my email and push settings. I also lost my youtube connection and just found out my FaceTime is also gone. When I go to settings, FaceTime slider is on but it's waiting for activation. My phone is almost a year old and has been working perfectly until now. Thanks.

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    Thanks, works flawlessly. Didn’t cure my skewed GPS problem though,,, resolved YouTube issue


  • Tanya

    Can get into You Tube no problem. Cant send emails now though…..what have I done?!!!!

    • raza

      Hi follow the steps,,, its work for me all the time,,

      1- Jail Break your mobile again
      2- Go to Cydia
      3- If you want to unlock ( dont unlock now untill we finish this process 1st )
      4- in Cydia go to More Package Sources
      5 – Select iphoneModding
      6- Install it
      7- Go to search in Cydia,,,,,,,,Write Pushfix
      8- Install PushFix
      9- it will autom'ly ask for reset,,,, but if not,,,,,,do it manully,,,
      10- check your youtube now,,,,, it willbe 100% working,,,

      thank you

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    if there any other ways to help pls. advise me

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    I finally got my YouTube app to work on my old 3G 4.2.1 firmware, thanks to this tutorial. Wasted my time on Yourtube1,2,3 but old firmare doesn't support the updates. You rock man and thanks a lot.

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    whenever i connect to any streaming site like daily motion , metacafe youtube mtv etc , it give not play option , instead play option it shows arrow down icon ( which shows cannot play) what i am laking ???

  • Nazim

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