Circle – Review – Stalk your friends now!

On May 3, 2012

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Circle – Review – Stalk your friends now!

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By: Hawthorne Labs Inc.

Version #: 1.03

Date Released: 2012-04-20

Developer: Hawthorne Labs Inc.

Price: Free

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Essentially a stalking app of sorts, Circle allows users to find out not only their friends who are nearby, but also people connected through the same group of networks.

When granted access to your Facebook account, Circle is able to pinpoint your current location and match it with users on your friends and network lists that have checked into a location near you. A nifty feature is that the distance threshold of Circle’s searches can be altered, so you can always choose to widen the physical radius of where your friends are.

With an app like Circle, one can theoretically avoid the so-called “forever alone” moments. As Circle allows users to find out who is located near to them, users can just walk across the street to meet their friends.

In terms of graphic presentation and visual appeal, Circle scores top marks in this category. With a futuristic-themed design layout, Circle makes navigation a breeze. Strangely though, the way items are presented on Circle reminds me of the Windows 7 Mobile platform, possibly due to the light colored background with big buttons and smooth scrolling experience.

Not only does Circle allow users to find the locations of the people located physically closest to them, they can also browse through their previous check-ins. This means that when viewing another person’s profile, users are able to scroll through a comprehensive list of past check-ins. Creepy?

For a free app, I would recommend that Circle be downloaded. It is a great concept, and it also makes it easier to locate friends rather than using the default Facebook app to manually browse through the locations of friends.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Simple to navigate.

Who Is It For:Anyone who wants to keep tabs on their friends.

What I Like:The user friendly interface and visual appeal of the app.

What I Don't Like:App seems to compromise a little on the privacy of other people.

Final Statement:Maybe that cute girl you saw last week is near you now!

Read the Developer's Notes:
*** FEATURED APP by Apple***

“Who’s Around You” - Know when your friends & networks are nearby, wherever you are, no matter where you go.

Circle tells you when your friends, or people from your networks (college, work, hometown, professional group etc.), are near you. You’ll be magically notified whenever they’re around.

NOTE: Circle requires a Facebook Account to Use

Privacy is in your hands. You choose what information to share, and with whom to share it. People can’t pinpoint your location, and unlike other location apps, Circle doesn’t drain your battery quickly.

Features: Changeable distance - search for friends and networks in the same building, or even up to 30 miles away; free messaging and calls; instant chat with friends; join existing mobile networks (e.g., Stanford Alumni, Bay Area Entrepreneurs), or create your own mobile network (e.g., Bicycle Enthusiasts).

Email us if you'd like to create one of the first Circle Networks for your group.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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