Cool Reversi Giveaway

On February 2, 2009

Cool ReversiReversi, otherwise known as Othello, is my all-time favorite board game. The synergy of simplicity and strategy in the game is what keeps me coming back to it. And thanks to VYGSoft, I get to play it for hours on end on my iPhone with their brilliant app called Cool Reversi.

In my review of Cool Reversi, I expressed my satisfaction with the developer’s implemention of the game along with my minor disappointment with a couple of display bugs. Fortunately, I just got in touch with Vlad of VYGSoft and he told me that all is well now, the app having been updated and improved a couple of times since my review.

Apparently, Vlad was feeling particularly generous during our recent email exchange as he also provided us with a lot of promo codes (and I mean a lot) to give away to a number of WOiP readers so that they might also have the chance to play Reversi using, IMO, the best and coolest Reversi app for the iPhone out there.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling us the board game which we should not dare play — at least not with you as our opponent. Good luck!