Cydia 1.1 Released: faster, slimmer, and more stable

On March 26, 2011

Jay Freeman a.k.a saurik just released Cydia 1.1 this morning.

@saurik: Cydia 1.1: faster, slimmer, and more stable; including an improved search algorithm and “resume where you left off”. Available in Cydia now!

saurik tweeted the information about Cydia 1.1 about one hour ago. He said: Cydia 1.1 is faster, slimmer, and more stable than cydia 1.0.
It also supports to resume the latest Cydia session when you left off Cydia.

saurik also said that by installing cydia 1.1, it will remove older default packages. This is normal: repositories are managed differently, and will not be deleted.
So, it means there is nothing to worry when updating to cydia 1.1.

Update Cydia now to get a better Cydia for your iDevice.

Installing Cydia 1.1

Here are some noticed changes of Cydia 1.1:

The installation progress displaying different progress bar.

The ‘quick search result’ giving a better results:

When an error occurred, Cydia will show the errors in installation log instead showing many buttons at once.

This is how the old-cydia displaying error message:

This is how Cydia 1.1 displaying error message:

Also, when you switched applications between Cydia and other apps, you will “resume where you left off” cydia the last time. If you didn’t get any noticed about Cydia 1.1, go to changes, tap Refresh.