Defender of Diosa for iPhone Review

On April 20, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Defender of Diosa for iPhone Review

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By: Sigma Game Limited

Version #: 1.0.0

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Developer: By Sigma Game Limited

Price: $3.99

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Tower defense has long been a mainstay of the casual gaming and it is no different on mobile platforms like iOS. Recently we have seen a shift to hybrid games that take elements from other genres to spice of the gameplay. Defenders of Diosa is at its core a tower defense game where you must stop a line of baddies from attacking and destroying your monarchy that has been turned into a chicken. The twist comes from the two dimensional playing field.

In Defenders of Diosa, enemies march in from the left and you must place your defenders in their way to stop them from reaching your goddess that is manifested in the form of a chicken. Each defender is capable of becoming one of sevens different types of units from the humble worshiper, to the spell casting wizards. Each job has its strengths and weaknesses and you will find yourself switching between different ones during the battle. As your men take damage they may be placed in the lower section where you have one or more beds that heal troops. There is also a corner area where troops can be enchanted to posses power to slow enemies or do more damage. Luckily, defenders are not alone. You have a power bar that slowly increases (or increases quickly if you have more worshipers) and you can fire spells like lightening and meteor to help wipe out the enemies, or use heal to quickly heal your embattled men. At the end of each wave you earn coins that can be used to upgrade troops and spells. You can also increase the capacity of your heal and enchanting rooms.

Defender of Diosa has an interesting twist on the tower defense genre. The action can get quite frantic at times and later levels will require a lot of micromanagement of troops and their jobs in order to survive. Unfortunately, the game is marred by the developer requiring an in-app purchase to complete the game. There are also IAPs for the ability to speed up the gameplay which seems contrived and should have been included in the total price. I appreciate the demo model that allows a player to try a game and then purchase it if they like it. The problem comes when a game is marketed as a full game but the true cost to play the entire game is hidden from the user unless they dig deeper to find the cost of the IAPs. I think Sigma would have been better off releasing a lite version and then offering the full game at a slightly higher price without the need to purchase the end levels. The game also offers the ability to buy in-game coins with real money. This doesn’t bother me so much since the game is quite playable with the coins you collect at the end of each wave.

With all the tower defense games available for the iOS platform it is a breath of fresh air to see something new in this field. The game plays well and with a variety of troops to use and an smooth ramping up of difficulty. If you can stomach the additional purchase to actually finish the game, then you will find Defenders of Diosa a fun game with plenty of content for your money. The game is currently available for $3.99 and the final twenty-nine levels cost you an additional $.99. Download the app and save your goddess chicken now.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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