eShaver – Review

On December 20, 2008

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eShaver – Review

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By: eShaver

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-19

Developer: Andreas Fuchs

Price: 1.99

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There is a clear divergence taking place in the iTunes Apps Store.

On the one hand, the high-quality games and productivity apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The graphics are better than ever, usability is easier than ever, and the feature set of the best applications continues to expand. For example, it is now rare to find a top application that doesn’t include the ability to be in either landscape or portrait mode.

On the other hand, however,  the "second-tier games and apps" look increasingly "second-tier", especially when compared to the first tier.

There is,  however, a "third hand" to this. The joke apps, those silly applications that try to make the iPhone look like something other than an iPhone. Personally, I think they are starting to get a bit old and boring. When  iPhone2.0 was released iBeer was pretty funny, and Koi Pond was kind of cool. Now, however, t feels increasingly like "been there done that". And that’s a problem for developers like Andreas Fuchs.

eShaver puts a graphic of an electric razor, on off switch included, right on your iPhone. When you "turn it on" it sounds like… an electric razor. If you touch the iPhone’s screen while it’s "on" it sounds as if hairs are being cut off.

In addition, the application is able to… no actually that’s it, there is no "in addition to" that’s all the application does — it looks like an electric razor, it sounds like an electric razor, and it has a sound as if an electric razor is actually cutting your beard.

Back in July, when iPhone 2.0 was first released, this might have been amusing and humorous. Unfortunately, its the middle of December.

Personally, I don’t find eShaver all that amusing but you might. If you do, address is the kind enough to supply us with a number of codes for the application — leave a comment in the comments section  and we’ll be sure to send it off to you.

Quick Take

Value: Low
Would I Buy Again: No
Learning Curve: Zero
Who Is It For: People who like iPhone gags
What I Like: Sounds realistic
What I Don’t: Pricey for a gag app

Final Statement: If this is your idea of iPhone fun… grab it.

Read the Developer's Notes:
eShaver, a new easy-to-use shaving system from Brainaholics kicks off a revolution in digital shaving technology. It has been uncompromisingly engineered to capture more digital hair with everey stroke, even problem hairs, for Brainaholics'easiest and most comfortable shave ever.

Brainaholics eShaver works like a real shaver. Just push the button and dive into the world of digital shaving pleasure. To get the ultimative shaving effect you can touch the screen while the eShaver is turned on. So you can hear the digital hairs shaved off with our patented DHS-Technology
O U R   T A K E . . .

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