Eventbrite for Android – Review

On November 14, 2012

App Type: Android

Eventbrite for Android – Review

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Every now and then, most of us should allow ourselves to have a truly impromptu day, where we don’t make any plans as such, and just get caught up in some of the happenings and events happening around us.


Eventbrite is an app that facilitates this  way of doing things, by showing you what events are happening in your vicinity. Using GPS, the app tracks your location, and shows you what events are near your, how to get there, and lets you buy tickets for them directly through the app.

You know you’re in good hands with Eventbrite because it’s the mobile version of an already popular online event registration service. The fact that you can access it from anywhere adds to the spontaneity with which you can check out the happenings in your area.


The app is extremely simple to use, offering two main menus from the home screen – Find Events and My Tickets. If you’ve used the app to buy tickets for an event, you can access all the necessary information for them through it, meaning that you can store all that precious ticket data in one handy place.


The app allows you to share events with your friends, making the oft-arduous task of getting people together for an outing that bit easier. The app could use an option to make a note of an upcoming event, or specifically invite your friends to an event ‘group’ and then be notified when they buy tickets etc. but all this can easily be patched up. Basic though it may be, Eventbrite is yet another way to keep connected with the latest happenings in your area.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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