HTML5 tethering available on iPhone

On March 10, 2012

Tethering is definitely a handy thing to have especially for a power-user. This is because it is highly convenient to have and is a good way to finish up what’s left of the data usage that the user can have. However, some carriers dislike the tethering feature as it amounts to excessive usage and thus put extra charges on the user. The same could be said to the iPhone but have no fear as there is definitely a way to get pass the restriction.

Tether is an application that was first made available on the BlackBerry. However, they have since developed applications for both iPhone and Android users as well. Instead of needing to pay a monthly tethering fee, through Tether, users will only need to pay the fee once to use the feature. However, what is needed is a jailbreak device as Apple has been removing tethering applications from the App Store making it impossible to get this app in it.

Tether is pretty easy to use as it now features a HTML5 based tethering. This means that the user do not have to download the application but rather browse the Tether webapp instead. In fact, this technology is available only through Tether.