Police Scanner: Listen In On Police Radio Frequencies in Your Local Area

On August 10, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Police Scanner: Listen In On Police Radio Frequencies in Your Local Area

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By: Juicy Development

Version #: 1.2

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Price: 2.99

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Would you love to listen into police radio frequencies? Juicy Development has released version 1.2 of their Police Scanner for the iPhone. This neat little app can be used to listen in on police or firefighting frequencies. Whether there is an armed robbery in progress or a small house fire, anyone will be able to hear how the necessary resources are deployed and the status of dealing with the situation.

The design of the app has a clean and sleek look to it, making it easily accessible to the user while providing a simple interface to browse the various frequencies. The streams are clear and the access is practically immediate so that you are not simply listening to a feed that has already happened, but one that is currently on going and up to date.

With a listing of over 1100 different streams for EMS, police officers, and firefighters, many of the users in fact tend to be off duty employees with the ability to be good Samaritans if they happen to be within the vicinity of the situation that is taking place. The latest version has improved the functionality and the software is compatible universally. Whether you are using the application through the 3G network, the Edge Network or on a wireless LAN device, your accessibility will in no way be hindered.

The program has a black facade with an easy to use play and pause button. The window provides information of the frequency and the label for the stream you are listening to. All in all, Police Scanner provides a useful app for anybody who wants access to EMS, Police, and Fire frequencies.

The Police Scanner application is $2.99 to download. So, if you have ever been a little curious about what goes on over police scanners, download your application today; who knows what you may hear?

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  • abe vado

    I have Police Scanner but
    I need the following frecuencies:

    Loudoun County Sheriff, Virginia
    Leesburg Police, Leesburg, Virginia
    State Police, Virginia

    Thank you


  • Benjamin Riggs

    Do you have any plands on having a wayto listen to the scanner on PC computers. I have it on my Ipod
    Benjamin Riggs

  • ghmavanna

    depew n.y police changed there numbers it was 155.655 does anyone know the new ones please email me if you do [email protected] ty

  • michael john carter

    hi michael here