LEGO Photo: Make Fun And Creative Photographs From LEGO Blocks

On July 5, 2010

App Type: iPhone

LEGO Photo: Make Fun And Creative Photographs From LEGO Blocks

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By: The Lego Group

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If you enjoy tinkering with the various photographic applications, the LEGO Photo app is definitely going to grab your interest. It takes any photograph and then converts it into a mosaic-like image made from a variety of colored LEGO blocks. Imagine the fun you will have as you take pictures.

Users will be able to take photos of your family, pets, friends, and even landscapes and see them quickly changed into collages or mosaics made entirely of LEGO pieces. You will be able to select the color palette and decide which results best suit the image. You can then save it to the camera roll, email it to friends, or post it to any social networking site you want. You can even print it if you want to, and then display it in a place of pride, or you could even create an entire gallery of shots too.

The in-app camera feature does demand that the photographer choose close range shots with primarily solid backgrounds, but those are the only creative limitations! You can make portraits and scenes of all kinds and then see them converted into splendid and unique master works!

There are loads of photographic apps, but the LEGO Photo app is truly unique in its use of the popular toys to craft custom images.

There is no charge for the LEGO Photo app, and any updates come entirely free of additional fees too. This app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to begin making all kinds of whimsical and creative photographs, this is certainly one app to use for the work.

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