Jungle Games – Review

On May 27, 2011

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Jungle Games – Review

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By: Koordinauten GmbH

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2011-05-18


Price: 0.99

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Jungle Games is one of those hoop-tossing games but with a twist. You are given hoops of different colors in a random order to toss onto one of three poles, with the option of throwing the hoop in the trash. You have to get three hoops on top of each other and they disappear like a row in Tetris. However, you can only throw out the hoops a limited time per each successful toss on the pole so it limits what you can do. Once all the poles are filled (they can each fit up to five hoops), the game is done and you have a final score.

The game can be a bit frustrating, such as when you are playing solitaire and have no workable moves left. However, the game can also be addicting in that sense. You suddenly feel the need to replay.

One possible way to improve the game would be to have there be levels instead of continuous play until the game is over. Have a limited number of hoops per level and if you can get through all the hoops with remaining space on the poles, you ascend.

However, despite my nitpick, it is a fun game with good graphics and realistic physics. Scores can be shared on game center and the app is interactive with Facebook if you want to meet other Jungle Games-addicted players.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Quite possibly.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Hoop-tossers.

What I Like:Good graphics and motion.

What I Don't Like:Would be nice if the game could be played in "levels" rather than continuously.

Final Statement:As they say, welcome to the jungle.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Welcome to the jungle! Throw rings on poles and

combine their colors to keep the challenge running!

Here's the new series of puzzle-action games set

in mystic ruins:

Players find themselves in a colorful cartoon-like jungle world. So what will you do there?

The gameplay is easily explained:

Swipe your finger to toss colored rings at three poles. Build rows and columns of matching colors to score and make the rings disappear.

If all poles are filled with a maximum of five rings, the game is over.

To give you a chance of planning in advance, there is a preview of the next two upcoming rings. Whenever a color doesn’t fit you at all, throw that ring in the bin. This can only be done three times, but high scores will earn you more throw-aways.

The five difficulty levels reach from Easy to Ultra Panic. In Panic Mode, time is limited. Score color combos to earn additional seconds to your countdown, but the constant time pressure makes it hard to plan your next throw. There are separate scores for each level.

Highscores and any achievements won

will be saved on Game Center.


- 3 difficulty levels from Easy to Master

- 2 Panic Modes: Scoring against the clock

- Cartoon-like game environment

- Bonus score for combos

- Game Center connection

- 14 achievements

- Full retina support

iPad owners also check out Jungle Games iPad edition!

Get ready for JUNGLE GAMES! Or try before buy and have a look at the JUNGLE GAMES FREE.
What's new

- Facebook connect: Post score to your facebook wall

- Bonus overview + hidden bonus

- UI improvement

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