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On May 1, 2009
JunoWallet GiftCards

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By: JunoWallet GiftCards

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2009-05-22

Developer: Jae Kim

Price: 1.99

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Do you have a bunch of gift cards lying around and no idea what their current balances are?

Use JunoWallet to store all your gift card information on your mobile device and automatically track their balances. Many vendors will replace lost or damaged gift cards if this information is available.

Balance Enquiries

* Instantly view the balances for gift cards that support online balance access. A majority of the gift cards provide this option.
* Call the one-touch speed dial contact created by JunoWallet for cards (no online check) that provide auto-attendant phone access and wait until you hear the balance summary, or
* Get connected to a human customer service operator for all other cards.

[iPod Touch]
* Instantly view the balances for gift cards that support online balance access.
* View the customer service phone number for cards that do not provide online balance access on the iPod Touch.

Gift Card Directory

We currently support about 100 different gift cards in our directory. Please let us know if you have a card that is missing from our list and we will add it to the directory.


Gift card information is only stored on your personal mobile device (iPhone or iPod) and nowhere else. Choose a 4 digit pin code for additional security against accidental access to your data.


The next version of JunoWallet will let you make purchases with gift cards stored on your mobile device, and will support other types of cards.

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