Kauai Revealed Review – Your digital tour guide to Kauai, Hawaii

On September 12, 2011

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Kauai Revealed Review – Your digital tour guide to Kauai, Hawaii

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By: Crystal Springs Software, LLC

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-09-12

Developer: Crystal Springs Software, LLC

Price: 5.99

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Aloha! For most people, paradise is the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, but if you have never been there, it can be overwhelming. From the exotic food to the well-kept secrets. Every Hawaii-goer wants to experience their vacation to the fullest. Luckily, there is now a digital guide book to help you explore Kauai, the fourth largest main island of Hawaii. Meet Kauai Revealed, your digital tour guide to Kauai, Hawaii.

Kauai Revealed makes searching for hotspots fun and simple. Launching the application, you are greeted with a map of Kauai. You are then given several choices for finding your desired location. First, you can search for it. The top left-hand corner features a nifty Search button that opens a search bar. You can then type in any keyword such as Boat Tours or Beach and the results will instantly pop up below. If you prefer the guidebook layout, simply tap the Guidebook button in the top right-hand corner. This button lets you navigate through several categories such as Shopping, Adventures, and, Activities. Most of the categories are broken down into the four regions of the island to help plan your day better. If you are too lazy to search through the guidebook or search bar, you can simply tap the “Locate Me” button. This button will let the application find your location and quickly bring up the nearest attractions. My personal favorite navigation tool is the large map located in the center of the screen. You can zoom in and out to find key roads, landmarks, and cities all along the island. When you find the area where you want to search for attractions, simply tap that part of the map. After a few moments, the application brings up a list of cool activities nearby.

Kauai Revealed is not just for finding attractions; it will also help tourists learn about Hawaiian history, culture, weather, and rules. I highly recommend reading these articles so that you don’t get caught committing an unintentional crime such as picking up a shell from the beach. Overall, Kauai Revealed will have any tourist roaming the island like a seasoned native. It is a bit pricey at $6 but cheap compared to its hard copy big brother. So before you hit the beaches of beautiful Kauai, check out Kauai Revealed.


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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Very low

Who Is It For:Tourists or Hawaii lovers

What I Like:It?s easy to use and a unique set up for a guidebook

What I Don't Like:A bit pricey

Final Statement:Kauai Revealed will inform any tourist about Kauai?s offerings in a fun and interesting way

Read the Developer's Notes:
 Kauai Revealed combines the best-selling Kaua‘i guidebook "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook " with a custom location-aware map that works without a cell signal. This app is a candid, humorous guidebook to everything there is to see and do on the island. Best-selling author and longtime Hawai‘i resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to dine, relaxing resorts, exciting waterfalls, colorful canyons and so much more. Every restaurant, activity provider, business and resort is reviewed personally and anonymously. Every beach, trail and location has been evaluated through years of field research. This app can help you have your best Kaua‘i vacation—ever.
• High-resolution specially designed interactive map with pinch-to-zoom detail

• Map works without a cell signal or data roaming charges

• Geo accurate hiking trails, beach access paths and points of interest

• Over 600 beautiful color photographs

• "Search" lets you quickly find guidebook entries

• "Map It" button lets you locate guidebook entries on the map

• "Locate" finds and tracks your current position on the map

• “Favorites” lets you keep track of what you want to do and see

• Links in the text make content easy to explore

• Smart Table of Contents previews relevant information

• Lists of hotels and restaurants can be sorted multiple ways

• Tap to dial phone numbers, visit related websites and view list of nearby sites

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