Magic Wingdom for Android – Review

On November 6, 2012

App Type: Android

Magic Wingdom for Android – Review

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It seems to be a general rule with mobile platforms that the best games are not the graphically-intensive ports of other console games, or games that are clearly a rip-off of successful console hits (I’m looking at you, Shadowgun), but simple puzzle games perfectly suited to touchscreen gameplay.

Magic Wingdom is just such a game, with a design in which the touchscreen is nigh on indispensable to the core gameplay. The game sees you trying to match up eggs of the same colour by dragging them across the screen, while making sure that eggs of different colours don’t collide together as they float towards the centre of the screen like some kind of psychedelic asteroids.

This game demands quick thinking, reflexes, and an eye for route-planning. You get more points for joining several eggs of the same colour in one sweep, but you’ll have to make sure that an egg of another colour doesn’t cross their path in the meantime.

At first, you only have the easy arena unlocked. As you gain coins, you can spend them in your first ‘yard.’ Here, you buy chickens, décor and general furnishings that make life as comfortable as possible for your chickens. When your yard gets deemed good enough to gain a star, you unlock the subsequent arena and yard.

The yard-building element adds a nice bit of diversity to the gameplay, as you strive to unlock combinations of items that give you bonuses when you play the main game. So buying a mother hen and a bird feeder will mean that you gain a bonus point for each blue egg you match up, for instance.

Your scores get submitted to the global leaderboards, so you’re playing this game with a genuine competitive edge. Of course, if you’re impatient about unlocking everything then you can always spend your hard-earned real world money to get everything, but where’s the fun in that?

Magic Wingdom is a charming, colourful puzzle game that combines a basic building sim with some finger-strainingly intense gameplay. Addictive and challenging, this is the kind of game that feels right at home on your smartphone touchscreens.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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