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On May 6, 2010

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It can be hard to manage your finances, especially with many accounts with many different companies. Every bank has their own website, and then there are all your credit card companies. There are plenty of offline budgeting applications on both the desktop and on mobile platforms, but keeping up with the changes to your account, and keeping your budget tools current can be quite a task. Mint, who was recently acquired by Quicken, aims to make this as simple as loading a website.

For those who are not aware of, it is a financial web app that aggregates your transaction and balance data from all your banks and accounts and provides you with powerful charting and budgeting tools to manage and manipulate your data. web app is free and while the site alone has been a valuable tool for many, it’s use of Flash and large screen layout is unsuitable for smaller mobile devices. Enter the Mint iPhone app.

When the app is first started and you log into your account you are presented with a general summary of your cash / debt ratio as well as your overall budget for the month. clicking on Accounts will show you balances for all of your bank, credit card, and investment accounts. Likewise, Budget will show you the budgets that you have set up online and where you stand for each. FInally Cash Flow will show you your transaction history sorted by category or merchant. At the bottom are two buttons: Overview and Alerts. Alerts will inform you when fees, deposits, and large spending happens much like on the main site but with one added benefit; push notification. Mint’s biggest advantage on the iPhone is the ability to get push notifications if there is abnormally high spending on an account, or if you are being charged fees for ATM withdrawals and overdrafts. This can be a powerful reminder, as you go about your day, to be conscientious of spending.

At the top is a settings button that provides a sparse set of settings. Mainly, a switch to activate a passcode which locks the applications from prying eyes if the phone is ever found in the wrong hands, and a log out button. Unfortunately, one missing feature is the ability to add or edit budgets / accounts from within the app. This must all be done within the web app itself. The iPhone app is also missing the amazing graphs and charts that exist on the website. It is clear that this app is designed to simply give you are quick glance at your finances, and not a full client for managing your mint account. Perhaps at some point in the future these features will be added perhaps at least for the iPad. In spite of these short comings Mint is a useful app for those who use the web site and will the app being free both on the web and on the iPhone one has very little excuse not to try it. Perhaps it will help you save enough money to purchase more iPhone apps!

Quick Take

Value:High, but only if you have a account.

Would I Buy Again:Sure. Its free.

Learning Curve:Easy.

Who Is It For:Mint users that want access to their mint account on the go.

What I Like:At a glance information, Push notifications.

What I Don't Like:Slow to update. Limited Features.

Final Statement:Great app for extended the power of

Read the Developer's Notes:
Personal finance tools from Track, budget and manage your money on-the-go. Simply sign up for an account on, add your online banking accounts, and access your personal finances anywhere:  EASY MONEY MANAGEMENT - NO EFFORT REQUIRED  Unlike other personal finance apps, Mint does not require you to enter your transactions. We automatically sync with all your online banking accounts to get your balances and transactions.  MANAGE YOUR MONEY– ANYWHERE • See the balances of your checking, savings, credit card, investment, and loan accounts.• See your monthly income vs. expenses instantly across your accounts.• See your monthly budgets – realtime – so you know how much you can spend while you’re out.• See the purchases you’ve made and deposits across all your accounts.• See the performance of all your investment accounts including 401(k), brokerage, and IRA.• See where you've spent each month– split across categories like Food, Bills, and Auto; or merchants like Target and iTunes, all from your iPhone.  SAFE AND SECURE If you lose your phone, or even temporarily misplace it, simply deactivate iPhone access from's profile page. We've made it easy: with one click, you'll prevent unauthorized access to Mint on your iPhone.  PROTECT YOUR MONEY Mint alerts you to activity across all accounts. Keep on top of your personal finances and know instantly:• If you are low on available credit or cash• If you go over budget or over your credit limit• When a large purchase is made• When your paycheck clears the bank• If we detect unusual spending activity

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