Moonlights – Review

On July 18, 2009

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Moonlights – Review

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By: Moonlights

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-06-13

Developer: Jean-Philippe SARDA

Price: 0.99

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Moonlights is a physics based program where the goal is to (usually) build a tower so that at least one node touches the moon for 3 seconds.

Since the game is ‘physics’ based, im not surprised at some of the features—tilting the phone side to side is like tilting the ground that way, bubbles help make your structures float, but too many nodes and the structure starts to sink; as well as obstacles and items you need to crawl over.

It took me a while to get the hang of what you are supposed to do, but luckily there are ‘demos’ that show you how to finish a level. Watching the first one was all I needed. (As a recommendation, I’d rather have a tutorial, “training” level, or manual than see how to clear a level. Where’s the fun in that?!?)

Each level has a new challenge—such as making your structure “crawl” across the screen using a limited number of nodes, or making it fall to just the right spot. Because of this, each level is a new fresh challenge.

Quick Take

Value: Medium

Would I Buy Again:  Maybe—it’s definitely fun.

Learning Curve:  After watching the demo for the first level, it was easy.

Who Is It For: Causal gamers, and people that like ‘physics’ games

What I Like: Building the structure is easy and fast. The variety of challenges keeps the game play fresh.

What I Don’t:  The music is way to annoying! (Turning off the music solved that though)

Final Statement:  Moonlights is a fun physics game that has a good replay value, and good physics engine.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Moonlights is a tower building physics puzzler, that will challenge the brain and the physics skills of the whole family.
 # 40 levels of increasing difficulty
 # Animated tutorials on the first levels
 # Regular updates with new levels and new items
 # Gravity controlled by flipping the screen
 # Scroll and zoom with classic gestures of multitouch devices
 # Local scores
 # Level editor in Flash (available in next update)

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