MyBudgeteer – Review – A feature-rich mobile wallet management tool

On March 22, 2012

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MyBudgeteer – Review – A feature-rich mobile wallet management tool

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By: Diogo Laureano

Version #: 2.01

Date Released: 2012-03-15

Developer: FrobishaDigital

Price: 1.99

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Recently updated to version 2.0, MyBudgeteer by FrobishaDigital is a neat financial management app for iPhone. It looks pretty unassuming at first, but a deeper consideration of the app will no doubt reveal its many capabilities that ultimately work towards handling your finances.

The structure of the app is designed following the standard set by Apple’s stock Music app. In such a setup, the tabs are laid out at the bottom, with the rightmost tab labeled “More” to reveal the other sections of the app. And as in the Music app, you can also edit the tabs so as to rearrange them in a way that’s more suitable to your habitual use of MyBudgeteer.

Perhaps the three most important tabs in MyBudgeteer are, unsurprisingly, the first three preselected tabs, namely, Current Month, Income and Expenses. Current Month displays a summary of your finances for, well, the current month. But don’t let the label fool you: Current Month also lets you choose a different month to examine, with a button to quickly revert to the current month view.

Most of what goes into the current month view, or any other month’s view for that matter, are pulled from the Income and Expenses sections of the app. As their respective labels clearly suggest, they’re the places in the app in which you specify the amounts of your cash inflow and outflow for a particular month or for any number of months. What you enter in both cases are just the budgeted or projected amounts. The actual amounts of your income or expenses can be subsequently entered in Current Month. Note that in entering budgeted amounts in Income or Expenses, you can either input amounts to the months individually or save time by specifying a constant amount for all months.

In MyBudgeteer, once you have enough financial data to work with, you can easily see whether you can expect to come away with some savings or fall short by a certain amount. MyBudgeteer can also generate up to nine chart types, if you’re inclined to check out visual analyses of your data. Plus, an option to export and email a comma-separated values (.csv) file of your data is also readily available. MyBudgeteer also lets you set a passcode to keep prying hands at bay as well as set a reminder for any detail of your income or expenses.

MyBudgeteer could have just the three main functions — Current Month, Income, and Expenses — and it would already be a useful app. But, of course, a good app ought to do provide you with more potentially useful options, which MyBudgeteer evidently does.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low to medium.

Who Is It For:People who want to manage their finances effectively. Who doesn't?

What I Like:The bevy of helpful features.

What I Don't Like:The interface could benefit from some tweaks.

Final Statement:Be an efficient financial manager or even a big saver with MyBudgeteer.

Read the Developer's Notes:
MyBudgeteer is a simple and practical app for management of a personal annual budget. With MyBudgeteer you can track all your expenses and income, compare them with your budget and have a permanently updated analysis on monthly and yearly basis.

Actual features of MyBudgeteer:

-make an annual budget for any expense or income, based on a fixed annual amount or variable amount for each month
-add non-budgeted expenses or income
-each expense or income can include sub-plots
-progress bars for budgeted expenses and income with remaining budget
-monthly and anual balances, savings and projections
-Edit and delete entries directly on tables or budget page.
-9 charts and Graphics for a visual analysis of expenses, income and budget.
-Reminders for expenses and incomes
-monthly and annual reports exportable in CSV file format
-passcode protection
-uses localized currency of iPhone
-English and Portuguese languages available

Tested on iPhone 4 and 4S with iOS5 and iOS4.3.
Requires iOS4.3 or later

*If you have an entry causing a crash (entries made on older versions of MyBudgeteer) just delete that entry and add it again to your budget. Actual version should deal with new entries without problems. Older entries that may have corrupted database should be deleted and added again, only if causing a crash when budget page is accessed. If you continue to experience problems contact us on [email protected]

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