myPhoneDesktop – Phone on your Desktop for iPhone, iPad Review

On April 17, 2011

App Type: iPhone

myPhoneDesktop – Phone on your Desktop for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: jProductivity, LLC

Version #: 1.8

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Developer: By jProductivity, LLC

Price: $4.99

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Ever tried to text someone directions to your not so easy to find current location? Or a recipe for the ultimate, but delicately balanced, mojito? Involves a LOT of typing, doesn’t it? And if you, like me, have butter fingers, you will accidentally make a few typos, or even erase the entire message, and you can start all over again. MyPhoneDesktop allows you to do all the complicated typing on your own, grown-up sized, key pad, on your computer, and then transfers it to your iphone or ipad. What a very clever idea!
There aren’t that many apps that, once you use them, you think “Now how did I do this before?” But if you try to get your computer and your phone or ipad to connect somehow you always get iTunes (don’t you just LOATHE itunes? I sure do!), and you have to sync, and it takes forever, and then your stuff is still not where you want it to be. MyPhoneDesktop just hooks them up, the way you’d want them to: you can copy anything, an image, some notes, urls, phone numbers, directions, on to your clipboard, and the app transfers it to your device of choice. No fuss, no muss. And stuff goes exactly where it’s supposed to: pics in the photo album, urls open in their own environment, notes go to the clipboard, phone numbers are dialled.

As our colleagues at Gizmodo put it succinctly: “MyPhoneDesktop links your computer and iDevice the way Apple should have”. It seems a no brainer once you start using this app that of course this is what everybody needs! And at only $1.99 I think it’s a steal.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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