No Mercy – Review

On December 18, 2009

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No Mercy – Review

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Version #: 1.0.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-11-20


Price: 0.99

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Do you have someone you really hate?  Do you keep a digital photograph of that cheating ex that you keeping printing out so you can tear it to pieces?  If someone has you stressed, then No Mercy is your calm.

Basically, the app takes a picture either from your iPhone camera or your Photo Library and lets you throw a myriad of objects at it.  These objects include tomatoes, eggs, shuriken, burgers (with forks sticking out), iPhones themselves and many others.  You also have a sketch mode in which you can vandalize the photo with mustaches, devils’ horns and whatever else you may think of.

The app even lets you shoot the image with a shotgun or uzi.  Naturally, any of these works of art you create can be saved to the Photo Library.

No Mercy is an excellent idea.  It’s particularly useful for psychotic stalkers who can vent their frustration in a more socially-acceptable way.  Rather than waste paper and stamps, they can desecrate an image at home.

This would be a good gift for someone with an iPhone that was recently dumped.  I suppose my only minor complaint is the lack of realism.  If I hammered a nail into someone, they would bleed.  Perhaps the next release can have a bleeding option.

No Mercy gets a thumbs up for both design and execution.  I even like the artistic design of the menu system.  It’s a good way of turning personal tragedy into a laugh and possibly even revenge.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:There's a good chance.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Disgruntled ex's.

What I Like:Good idea and execution.

What I Don't Like:Lack of blood (I'm sick that way).

Final Statement:A cute gift for someone who was jilted.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Do you feel stressed ? Are you getting pushed to the limit ? Well, let some steam off and enjoy yourself in a unique kind of way. 23 different methods to trash faces or objects without getting busted !Incredible fun and stress relieving action that produces very unexpected results.You could even impress the artistic community with some of your creations !We provide the tools you provide the brains. HAVE NO MERCY !!!- Grab a photo from your iphone library, or the iphone camera.- For practice purposes use the provided template image.- Select one or more of the 23 attack methods available.- Shoot it, stab it, egg it, hit it with a shoe, slap it with a fish, even smack it with your hand and much much more...- Save and if you wish share the results with friends and" victims ".Available attack methods:- PISTOL- UZI- SHOTGUN- DART- BOW- KNIFE- SHURIKEN- SCREW DRIVER- NAIL- HAMMER- EGG- PHONE- TOMATO- YOGHURT- SHOE- SKETCH- LABEL- BURGER- TENNIS BALL- MUSTARD- FISH SLAP- SMACK- CIGAR***** Best of all: YOUR IMAGINATION *****Enjoy !
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