OmniVision's New 5-MP 1080p Camera Sensor Opens Door to Thinner Devices

On May 19, 2011

Apple’s old camera sensor supplier for iOS devices, OmniVision Technologies, today communicate¬† the introduction of a new 5-megapixel sensor that could work¬† to slimer¬† mobile devices and and last but not least¬† offers¬† the ability to shoot video at 1080p. The new sensor has under 5 mm high, 20% thinner than other industry-leading sensors.



While Apple has been sustained by several sources to be prepare in advance¬† to use an 8-megapixel camera for the next-generation iPhone, a better one then¬† a 5-megapixel sensor in the iPhone 4, many of Apple’s other mobile devices such as the iPad and iPod touch uses¬† camera with considerably lower resolutions of under 1 megapixel. With the non-iPhone devices exhibiting thinner form factors than the iPhone, Apple has had to give up on the camera quality and resort to thinner, lower-resolution sensors on those models.



via @macrumors