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By: Chad Mealey

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-05-03

Developer: Pianofly

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Read the Developer's Notes:
Pianofly is a powerful musical instrument, featuring a revolutionary scrolling, multi-touch keyboard. Just drag the keyboard while playing to scroll up or down the keys. Grab the bar below the keys to scroll without playing, or to hold the piano in place while you play. Quickly reach all 88 keys, play scales, long runs or melodies that span many octaves. This is how the piano was meant to work on the iPhone; now it does.

And that's just the beginning. Pianofly is really about sounds. Inside is a powerful FM synthesis engine producing rich poliphonic audio. Pianofly includes dozens of different instrument sounds. Tap on a sound icon and play. After you choose a sound, you can expand the keyboard to fill the entire screen.

What's that? Dozens of instruments aren't enough? Well double tap on an instrument icon and you can edit every aspect of the sound. You can even edit the sound while you're playing! This allows you to perform smooth pitch bends and modulation changes. You can edit any of the existing instrument sounds, or design a new one. You can save a total of 80 different instruments!

Create an icon for your new sound using any image from your photo library. Take a picture, import an image from a web site or email, or draw an icon in another application.

Visit our website at miniMusic.com for videos of PIanofly in action. Spy before you buy!

Pianofly produces rich, high quality audio with wide harmonic content. The speaker on your iPhone or iPod will give you only a hint of the sound and is especially lacking in bass frequencies. We recommend you use high quality headphones or plug into full size speakers when playing Pianofly for the best experience.

- The first and only live scrolling piano keyboard for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
- Full 88 key range.
- Volume control on screen, change dynamics while you play.
- 80 Instrument timbres, edit the default sounds or create your own.
- Edit the sounds while you perform for rich pitch bends and modulation changes.
- High quality FM synthesizer engine for CD quality sound.

Pianofly was developed by miniMusic, a leader in portable music software for over ten years. This is just a taste of what's to come from miniMusic for the iPhone.

Buy Pianofly now at this special introductory price.

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