Picti for iPhone – Review – Share your photos and follow your friends

On May 18, 2012

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Picti for iPhone – Review – Share your photos and follow your friends

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By: Dctology

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-05-05

Developer: Dctology

Price: 2.99

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In todays world many of us find ourselves connected with a variety of social networks in order to interact with our friends and families. While Facebook may be the largest, there are still many other services that people use for things like photo sharing. Picasa and Flickr are two that come to mind. Keeping all these networks straight can be a hassle, which is where Dctology‘s Picti comes in. Where there have been tools to let you post statues to multiple networks, Picti aims to be your single tools for sharing and interacting with photos across networks.

Picti currently offers connections with five big networks. There is of course Facebook along with Myspace and VK which for our American readers is a large european social network. There is also compatibility with Flickr and Picasa which makes sense for an app that is focused on the photo sharing aspect of social networks. And we heard from the developer that the next update will include Instagram!

Each account can be validated right from within the app without too much fuss, but Picti only allows one account per service. For those of you with multiple Facebook accounts, you will either need to pic which one you want to use or you might need to look elsewhere.

Once you are all plugged in you are given three tabs: News, Friends, and Albums. News is like a timeline for photo activity within your accounts. Comments, likes, and new photos all show up here with a small icon denoting the network the update is from. The friends tab gives you a list of friends you are connected to on the various networks. You can search for an individual, or filter by relationship or network. Choosing a friend will let you browse their albums/folders in either a grid or list view. Each photo gives you options to tag people, comments, and see meta data or geolocation. These controls work well and are really the biggest feature of this app. The time it saves not having to bounce around between different apps to view and comment are pictures is wonderful. The overlay interfaces for tagging or commenting is also a nice touch even on the iPhone. Photos can also be downloaded to your library or shared via print/email/tweet. Your friend’s photos can also be used to populate your address book pictures.

Finally we come to the Albums tab. Here you are able to browse all of your own photos just as you did with your friends. The only difference is you can add albums, and upload photos. Picti does let you upload multiple photos to multiple networks. The app gives you the option to tag and comments to photos before you upload them.

Picti has its work cut out for it with so many networks and the little differences with how they handle image uploads. I think under the circumstances it performs amazingly well. The interface is clean and for the most part easy to use. Some of the more often used elements like uploading are a little tucked away, and not being able to upload to multiple networks at once is a drag, but these points shouldn’t deter most users. I hope to see Picti add more services in the future which would only service to enrich the usefulness of this app. If you find yourself bouncing from site to site and are tired of changing apps every couple minutes, Picti may be your answer. It is currently $2.99 on the App Store, and while it comes in a bit higher than more utility apps, I don’t think you will find another app that does what Picti does or at least as easily.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Easy.

Who Is It For:Shutterbugs who share and interacte on different networks.

What I Like:Clean and responsive interface, easy browsing and commenting.

What I Don't Like:Some features are not easy to find.

Final Statement:Share your photos and follow your friends with Picti

Read the Developer's Notes:
Picti brings social life to your photos. It is convenient facility opportunities of your simultaneous multi uploading of photos in several social networks, checking your friends’ photo updates, comments, tags and likes. The application provides for editing both albums and separate photos on the basis of in-built filters. Picti also interacts with your Phone Book.

Picti is a tool connecting you with a photostream of more than 1.5 billion people using top 5 social photo platforms. Facebook, the most global social network in the world, MySpace being the most popular international blog-platform, Flickr, the service for photo exchange, Picasa being an integral photo hosting and Vk enjoying the status of the top scope European social network.

The functional potential of the application:

- multi uploading photos and albums in the formats Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, Vk;
- checking albums and your friends’ photo-updates in social networks;
- a current representation of pictures from various social networks;
- editing albums and photos;
- a users’ set of photo filters;
- unlimited socialization of your photos (comments, likes, tags);
- geotags (all information possible about the location of photos);
- your friend’s profile integration into Phone Book;
- fast on-line activation of your accounts.

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