Pocket Frogs – Review

On October 18, 2010

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Pocket Frogs – Review

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By: Nimble Bit

Version #: 1.0.5

Date Released: 2010-10-14


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Most people remember fondly catching frogs as children. Frogs are so weird and amazing looking that children can’t help but take them home and beg to be allowed to keep them. Most of us had no idea how to take care of frogs and we either had to let them go or they died. The folks at NimbleBit must have lost more than a few of their amphibious friends. Their latest game is a collection game call Pocket Frogs where you take charge of your own frog farm. Don’t worry about these frogs though, there is no need to feed them, you are far too busy taming and breeding them into a large variety of colors.

Pocket Frogs is an open ended collection game that is similar to games like Farmville where you cultivate, in this case frogs, and try to develop your collection by breeding and capturing more rare breeds. This can be done by purchasing frogs, or finding them in the wild. The pond is where you will find frogs to breed with your collection as well as increase your frogs happiness. It consists of jumping between lilly pads to catch dragonflies. Outside of the pond you have your habitats which can be decorated and as well as expanded to hold more frogs.

Pocket Frogs can be played entirely for free, or you can utilize the in-app purchases to help speed your frogs’ development along. These type of games always struggle with mid-game burn out, and I found the grind for XP to unlock new frogs would get tedious at times. If you love this genre, you will find pocket frogs to be an interesting game with great graphics and all the amenities you have come to expect from the genre. My only criticism is that seems to lack the mini-games which helps to break up the monotony of other titles. This can be minimized if you have a large group of friends to trade and interact with. Pocket Frogs is currently available on the iTunes app store for free.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Sure, It is free

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Fans of "build and collect" games like Farmville

What I Like:Unique subject and great graphics.

What I Don't Like:Leveling becomes tedious midway through

Final Statement:Own your own frog farm without all the slim and flies!

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