South Park Mega Millionaire – Review

On September 28, 2009

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South Park Mega Millionaire – Review

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By: South Park Mega Millionaire

Version #: 1.0.3 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-09-01

Developer: RealNetworks, Inc.

Price: 4.99

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I’m a huge fan of the South Park television show, so when I learned that a South Park game was available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I knew I’d be getting it.  $4.99 price tag be damned!

The premise is simple: the boys are participating in a Japanese game show where they have to perform ludicrous stunts on rollerskates usually through some sort of maze for paltry prizes.  It sounds like a television episode.

When the game begins, the sound is set to off which is usually the opposite of how most iPhone games begin.  However, I can understand why.  This game allows the user to play any audio on his or her iPhone or iPod Touch.  My only disappointment with this game is much like my one for the Toy Story game.  Nobody talks.  There is no use of the voices at all and that’s disappointing.  Either Matt Stone and Trey Parker were unavailable to record audio or they weren’t involved with the creation of this game (which would be a shame because it seems like their style).

To navigate through the mazes, you simple have to tilt the device in a particular direction and tap the screen to jump.  There are a myriad of levels and mazes to get through.  When you finish a level trophies are awared which contain show references like Chinpokomon.

The game could be offensive to some but I find it hilarious and very much in the spirit of the show and the game itself is quite addictive.

Quick Take

Value: Excellent
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely.
Learning Curve: Low.
Who Is It For: South Park lovers and those who like maze games.
What I Like: The game.  The backstory.  The patter between the kids and the host.
What I Don’t: No sound.

Final Statement: A great game for the iPhone or iPod Touch

Read the Developer's Notes:
Join the South Park boys on Japan's most outrageously humiliating game show, and a chance to win 10,000 Yen, in South Park Mega Millionaire!Help Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny skate their way through a ridiculous series of the most insane, disgusting, and psychotic challenges ever!
Leap over diabolical death traps, tackle monstrous sumo wrestlers, and, whatever you do, avoid the bunny men!Play as your favorite South Park character, or challenge your friends and family to a special" pass-the-phone "multiplayer mode! Featuring more than 20 absurd events, three ways to play, loads of surprises to unlock, easy-to-use controls, and more, South Park Mega Millionaire is full of totally twisted fun!
Will the boys win? Will they survive? Do they realize 10,000 YEN isn't very much money?Find out today in South Park Mega Millionaire, the super best happy iPhone and iPod Touch game for everyone!
? Play as Cartman, Stan, Kyle, or Kenny in 3 outrageous game modes.
? Skate, jump, and roll your way through 24 crazy challenges, insane death traps, and syrup!
? Spin the Wheel of Misfortune and earn bonus points for concussions!
? Easy-to-use motion sensor controls.
? Challenge your friends to a round of" pass-the-phone "multiplayer action.? Authentic graphics and hilarious sound effects take full advantage of your iPhone and iPod Touch.? Control your iPod music playlist from the game!-

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