SPY mouse – Review – A cute and addictive game that you won’t want to put down

On January 11, 2012

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SPY mouse – Review – A cute and addictive game that you won’t want to put down

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1.0.4

Date Released: 2011-12-01

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: 0.99

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Growing up, I was always fascinated with the world of spies. James Bond was my hero, and I dreamed of someday working for the CIA. Well times have changed, and now that I’m older, I am no longer pursuing a life of espionage. Luckily, I now have SPY mouse to relive my childhood dreams on the iPhone. SPY mouse is a cute adventure game for all ages.

The aim of the game is very simple. Playing as a tiny mouse, the user must navigate the room to evade the cat(s) while stealing the cheese and escaping to the mouse hole. There are currently 72 great levels to challenge you, and each level is tons of fun. In each level, users can win three ribbons: one for beating the time limit, one for using a continuous path, and one for not being spotted by the cat.

I loved the cute graphics in SPY mouse. The cartoonish layout makes the game a hit with children; plus, the lack of violence makes it ideal for the young ones. Some of the levels are quite challenging, so the adults who love a good game will find SPY mouse interesting as well.

The game doesn’t end once you beat all the levels. There are currently eleven challenges available. In each challenge, you must navigate around the room, pick up the candy canes, and find your way back to the mouse’s home. In order to successfully complete the challenge, you must earn a certain amount of points. Even though there are eleven challenges right now, only five are available unless you have “Squeak Friends.” Each squeak friend unlocks three more challenge levels.

Just like any good spy challenge, SPY mouse includes a few hidden levels. Now, it wouldn’t be fun if I told you where/how to access these levels, but trust me, they are there and are ready to be found.

The simple gameplay makes SPY mouse easy for everyone to play, but the challenging levels makes it hard to put down. I didn’t like that you had to have a certain number of squeak friends to unlock all the challenge levels, but this minor pitfall does not prevent SPY mouse from being a fun and addictive game.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes!

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:All ages.

What I Like:Tons of levels, fun and addictive nature, hidden levels.

What I Don't Like:Squeak friends needed to unlock all the challenge levels.

Final Statement:SPY mouse is sure to please!

Read the Developer's Notes:
** Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese… plus a BIG THANKS to all the players who have made our bite-sized adventure a #1 hit on the App Store! **

Embark on a journey of epic proportions from the makers of Flight Control and Real Racing – over two years in the making!

Agent Squeak *is* SPY mouse, a super-secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere.

Can the world's smallest hero prevail in one of iPhone's biggest games? His fate's in your hands!

? Sneak, scamper and snack your way through 70+ deviously challenging levels!

? 6 unique worlds, full of adventure, each with their own diabolical hench-cat to outwit.

? Run circles around your feline foes using all manner of zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups!

? Cat trouble? Recruit the help of the exotic Kiska and get your mission back on track.

? Forever fun with achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed updates!

Slip into the astounding world of SPY mouse and find out how deep the mouse hole goes...
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