Users not wanting free bumpers can collect $15 from Apple

On March 29, 2012

The Antennagate problem is one that has been clouding Apple ever since the release of the iPhone 4. The problem however, was notably gone in the iPhone 4S due to the dual-antenna feature present in the updated version of the iPhone 4. Nevertheless, when it comes to Antennagate, the legal battle has finally come to an end but with Apple that needs to pay the price for it.

There are two ways on how iPhone 4 users can proceed with this problem. They can either go to the nearest Apple reseller store and get a free black iPhone 4 bumper or claim $15, whichever they feel is the better choice. Personally, we think that getting the money is a better choice simply because the iPhone 4 has already been present for quite some time and the users have bound to get themselves a case already.

What caused this lawsuit against Apple was a very interesting story. Initially, Apple denied the existence of the problem and then said that users should hold it in a different way. After that they said that it is a software issue but later on allowed users to claim a free bumper for the iPhone. That promotion then stopped after a few months when Apple said the problem does not exist anymore. Furious with the company, customers then decided to file a class action lawsuit against the company. For more information on how to claim, you can go to