1-Click Flashlight for iPhone Review

On January 6, 2011

App Type: iPhone

1-Click Flashlight for iPhone Review

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By: Muhieddine EL Kaissi

Version #: 2.5

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Developer: By Muhieddine EL Kaissi

Price: Free

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You are cold and wet with unending downpour. You struggle to make your way through the dense undergrowth and thick mud of this back woods acreage. If only you had a beacon, something to illuminate your path. Luckily, Muhieddine EL Kaissi has provided a solution. You pull your trusty iPhone from your coat pocket, bring your finger to bear upon 1-Click Flashlight, and suddenly all has been revealed.

In all seriousness, flashlight apps seem to have hit the app store about 1.2 seconds after the iPhone 4 was announced with a LED light for low-light picture taking. There doesn’t seem to be much that a developer can do to differentiate themselves from the pack. Most flashlight apps have a stroke feature that lets you bring the mood lighting to your next elevator rave. Apart from that, there isn’t much else to do with an app like this. It is the sort of utilitarian app that you want to have available when you need it but not on your front page.

1-Click Flashlight gives you a large button in the center to toggle between constant and strobe light. There is a smaller button to turn the light off while in the app. 1-Click Flashlight also has a button to change the background of the app. These features all work well for what they are, though I did wish they had added a slider to change the rate of the strobe. The thing that immediately struck me was the forced trailer app that plays whenever you toggle the light on or off. This sort of advertisement is far more annoying than any banner ad. If you want this ad removed that app ceases to be free with a $.99 in-app purchase that removes the trailers. This app also has giant buttons to connect you with Facebook, Twitter, and to email your friends about this app.

I give 1-Click Flashlight points for working as advertised consistently, but I hold exception to the intrusive video ads that play, as well as the self-promotion buttons that take up almost 1/3 of the screen. To really use this app efficiently, requires a buck, and there are dozens of flashlight apps on the app store that boast more features and style than this app for the same price. This app isn’t the worst app I have ever seen, but it’s look and feel is so foreign to the ideals of the iPhone, and it sits in a genre that is so saturated with equal or superior apps, that I am hard pressed to recommend it in any situation. It is free so, if you are interested, it can be picked up risk-free from the app store.

We rate this app 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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