1001 Attempts Review – Not simple

On June 24, 2013

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1001 Attempts Review – Not simple

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By: Everplay Interactive

Version #: 1.2.3

Date Released: 2013-05-17

Developer: Everplay

Price: 0.99

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I haven’t actually counted out the number of attempts I took to get this game right, but it was definitely less than the 1001 quoted by the app. With retro 8-bit graphics and equally annoying music that reminded me of the old school Atari arcade classics, this game left a strong and fond impression on me.

2 buttons to control the little purple blip creature thingy the game has you take charge of. One allows you to move left or right while the other flips gravity. That’s right, instead of jumping up and down or moving forwards and back you get to flip gravity.

Welcome to 1001 Attempts.

So gameplay is relatively simple, using those crazy controls you navigate your blip thingy around the screen dodging flying projectiles eager to hunt you down while collecting bonuses while basically trying to survive for as long as you can.

Sounds simple? Not quite. With the music driving your head foggy and the graphics threatening to give you an epileptic seizure, you’d be struggling to keep pace with the game as it speeds up over time.

And no, you don’t actually get 1001 Attempts.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:The concept is simple in theory, but in reality it takes a fair bit of practice to get used to.

Who Is It For:Gamers who would like to test their reflexes and patience

What I Like:The 8-bit retro system

What I Don't Like:The lack of a backgroun, but then again that would probably cause more of a hindrance

Final Statement:If you actually do hit 1001 attempts, do let me know.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get ready to flip out with 1001 Attempts!


Tired of games that claim to be addictive? Well, you shouldn't be because addictive can be fun! 1001 Attempts introduced exciting yet simple gameplay elements that keep you coming back for more!


Like many games on the AppStore, 1001 Attempts has that "one more try" aspect that is loved by players world wide. Dodge explosive missiles, flying sawblades, and freakin' laser beams while trying to rack up huge points in the worldwide leaderboards!


The plan is simple: Move left and right and jump across the level dodging danger and collecting jewels. How many can you collect before ultimately falling with glory?

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