2XL Supercross Lite – Review

On June 16, 2009

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2XL Supercross Lite – Review

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By: 2XL Supercross Lite

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-06-01

Developer: 2XL Games, Inc.

Price: 0.00

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I am a huge fan of racing games.  Most games that I play on console systems are racing games.  I am also a fan of extreme sports, especially supercross.  What better addition to my iPhone than a supercross racing game?  I knew this was a lite version of a full game, so I hoped it would be good.  The game starts with a really cool video.  If you like motorcross, I recommend you check it out.  You do not have to watch the video everytime you start the game, but it is worth taking a look at.  Basically, this is a try before you buy game with one level and one bike to choose from.  When you start the game you have to toggle through the screens to get to the gameplay screen.  If you click buy when you see the bike option, it opens the app store.

This game is beautiful!  There are many options to control the bike.  You can use tilt steering or use your finger.  Each option is available in both right and left handed modes.  I personally did the best with the tilt steering.  Steering and leaning in the air are done by tilting your phone.  This took a race or two to adjust to, but the controls are very intuitive and work quite well.  On the right of the screen are red and green buttons.  The green is your accelorator and the red is the brake.  On the right you see a spring.  When the spring turns blue as you enter a jump, you press it to preload your bike.  This helps your bike jump higher and further.  Your speed is greatly imporved when you double or triple a set of jumps. 

The graphics and sound are on par with games I have played on my PS2!  This is a very exciting entry into what could be a preview of just how good iPhone games can be.  Go check this one out.  I will be buying the paid version soon after finishing this review!

Quick take:
Value:  Very high, even though you get one track.
Would I buy again?  Yes.  Will be buying the paid version shortly.
Learning Curve:  Medium.  Once you figure out your favorite control configuration it takes a little practice.
Who is it for?  Racing game fans.
What I like:  It is basically a console game on my phone.
What I don’t:  I would like to see a 3 track mini circuit on the free verison to get more tracks.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Bury the competition as you ride like a pro! Discover secret jump combinations as you master the physics of motocross in this high-speed racing adventure.“2XL Supercross Lite” is an all-new offroad racing experience from the creative team that brought you such popular hits as: Motocross Madness, ATV Offroad Fury and MX Unleashed.This rhythm-based racing game is easy to pick up and play, but its ever-increasing challenges will keep you in the zone for hours. Blitz your way through carefully crafted doubles, triples and treacherous whoops on a custom track designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada.You won’t believe what you’re playing in the palm of your hand! “2XL Supercross Lite” features liquid-color graphics, fully interactive 3D physics, surround sound, authentic engine recordings, particle effects, projected shadows and lighting.See the trailer at: www.2xlgames.com/supercrossThe Lite Version Features:- One Supercross track designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada- Ride a 450cc bike- Automatically adjusts number of opponents for optimal performance on your device- 4 camera views including first person with handle bars- Select from 8 preset control schemes- Responsive tilt steering interface with tunable sensitivities- Comprehensive in game helpFor hours of additional motocross racing, please purchase the full version.
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