300 Bowl – Review

On October 2, 2008

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300 Bowl – Review

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By: TheWay, Ltd.

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2008-07-26


Price: 0.99

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300 bowl is an amazing iPhone and the iPod touch game. The graphics are stunning, the physics remarkable, and the gameplay, incredibly enjoyable.

When you first start the application, the game asks you if you want to play against yourself, someone else, or (I love the way they put this) against the "computer".

The options for the game include an adjustable level of "laying oil", and an adjustable level of the "throw difficulty".  Once you choose the level of difficulty and kind of game you want to play, the app invites you to provide your name, and then it is time to bowl.

I was amazed at the level of "realism" the game offers. With the flick of a finger the bowl is sent down the lane. When it strikes the pins, it does so with a very realistic sound, and the pins flying around in an incredibly realistic manner.  At the top of the screen the application keeps score automatically throughout the game.  I love this feature, since, when I used to bowl, I hated having to keep track of the score (I know, I know, lots of places keep automatic scoring, but I went to old lanes without it).

One of the things I found to be particularly stunning about 300 Bowl is, as you are flicking the screen with your thumb, if you do so with a little curve, the ball actually curves as it goes down the lane in keeping with in the direction and the degree of the curve.  It is a remarkable bit of coding that allows the physics of the game to be much more realistic.

All in all, I’ve been finding 300 bowl to be an incredibly enjoyable game on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  $.99 (currently) is a fantastic deal.

Quick Take

Value:  High
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Anyone who wants a fun, bowling game
What I like: Graphics and gameplay
What I Don’t:  Nothing so far

Final Statement:  I love this game and only wish I was able to bowl as well in real life.

Read the Developer's Notes:
A bowling alley in the palm of your hand! Use your finger to toss the ball straight or with a curve - you feel as though you are in your own personal lane. 300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames, the speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots. The sound effects in the game add to 300 Bowls realistic feel, with the sounds of a ball rolling and pins being smashed and scattered. Play alone, against a computerized opponent or play a friend in two player mode, handing the phone off between turns.

The UPDATE has arrived! Thank you all for being patient while Apple reviewed the update :)

Version 1.1 notes: Removed the "continue" message between frames, added chimes to the "strike" and "spare" messages, and various fixes and improvements to menu and gameplay.

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