94 Seconds Review – The most stressful seconds of my life

On April 29, 2013

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94 Seconds Review – The most stressful seconds of my life

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By: Scimob

Version #: 2.2

Date Released: 2012-11-02

Developer: SCIMOB

Price: Free

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I swear, this has been the most stressful 94 Seconds of my life.

In this game, the instructions are clear and simple. A theme is given as well as a random letter of the alphabet, and players have 94 seconds to start listing all the possible words between the two given parameters. Of course,the objective of the game is to get as many words as possible within the time limit, which links back to the game title.

I do wonder if there a reason or hidden meaning behind the number 94?

The game is real simple, and makes for a quick escape for those looking to take a short break or have a perk me up without wasting too much time. I guess the only downside would be that this game is simply too addictive and minutes will pass like water flowing out of a running tap.

I love the entire concept of the game as a whole, how it’s so addictive and seemingly unique. I’ve yet to find a similar app out there, and 94 Seconds has quickly become one of my most frequented apps.

Free for download, additional levels, ad removals and whatnot can be purchased for an extra fee.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Very simple

Who Is It For:Just about everyone

What I Like:The unique game conept is appealing to me

What I Don't Like:The number of categories and puzzles is quite small

Final Statement:Definitely one of my new favorite pastimes.

Read the Developer's Notes:
1 category, 1 letter and 94 seconds to reach the highest score!

A fruit starting with K...
A vegetable with P...
A Sport with T...

Want to play ? then download 94 Seconds right now! More than 25 different categories and many more to come : Clothing, Countries, Colors, Fruits, Sports, Burger ingredients...


* 1 category and 1 letter, you have 94 seconds and no more to get as many correct answers as possible

* 4 different jokers can help you to find the answer or reach the highest score

* Spelling mistakes and typos are permitted, within reason...

* Rare or hard response : 1 point if answer is easy, 2 if it is rare or difficult. Example: A fruit beginning with P? Peach 1 point, 2 points for Persimmon !

* Series: responses in a row enable bonus points

* Skip : can't find it? Skip, but 3 seconds are removed

* Unlock achievements with different records in the app or on Game Center

Analyze your results at the end of the game, look at the examples ("I knew it!") And try to improve your score: best series, average, all statistics are available.


Log into your Facebook account and compare your score to those of your friends!

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