How-to Add UDID to iOS Developer Portal

On June 11, 2011

UDID is Unique Device Identifier a unique 40-digit alphanumeric string which assigned to each iOS device. UDID used for testing apps, testing Apple’s beta software, other Apple developer related stuff.

In order to add UDID to iOS Developer Portal, you must be enrolled as iOS Developer and it costs you $99/year.

If you already registered as iOS developer, please follow these instruction to add UDID of your devices and activate it as registered devices.

  1. Login to iOS Dev Center
  2. Click iOS Provisioning Portal on the right menu.
  3. Click Devices on the left menu and you will see Current Registered Devices.
  4. Click Add Devices button on the right side.
  5. There are two fields called “Device Name” and “Device ID“.

    Fill the device name to recognize where the UDID belong to, and fill the Device ID with UDID you have copied from iTunes (by clicking serial number on device summary).

  6. Click the “+” button to add the UDID and another form will show up to registered another device. If you don’t need to add another device, click Submit button on the bottom to save changes.
  7. You are done.

Watch video demo how-to add UDID to iOS Provisioning Portal:

If you don’t want to be iOS Developer and pay the $99 annual fee, you can register your UDID without developer account.