AirFight – Review

On December 1, 2008

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AirFight – Review

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By: AirFight

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-15

Developer: Ocko

Price: 9.99

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After such a remarkable example of flying safely into the Hudson River in NYC, this application should appeal to those who admired the expertise and professionalism exhibited by the pilot of that airliner. His military and glider flying experience undoubtedly helped him bring the aircraft down safely!

AirFlight is a nifty flight simulator created by Fredrik Gustavsson using the features of the iPhone/iTouch devices from Apple. The accelerometer and multi-touch features allow you to fly this military style fighter Jet in pursuit of "enemy" aircraft. You have cannons and rockets at your disposal to vanquish your opponents. You also have a small target grid screen to help you locate hostile aircraft to attack. You can also fight against local opponents via Wi-Fi and both devices have AirFight installed on their respective iPhone/iTouch devices. 

The welcome screen has buttons to lead you to all areas of the game. The Settings window allows you to decide many features including the type of game and the difficulty of your flight. The Tutorial Screen will walk you through 8 pages of the basics of operation of AirFlight


Once you start flying the plane you’ll find that you must rely heavily on the targeting grid to get the enemy aircraft in view. No easy task. The "Arcade mode" is probably the best choice until you become familiar with how everything works. You’ll find 4 touch areas on the lower part of your screen that activates various controls. On the lower right of the screen are your weapons in the form of dotted circles. The lower circle fires your cannons with unlimited ammo while the upper circle fires your rockets which only allows 2 at a time. Then they reload after 7 seconds.


The lower left of the screen gives you throttle control while tapping the center of the screen will give you a view of your aircraft from the rear. Your enemy has two types of targets. One is gray and there are few of them each worth 10 points. There’s also one orange plane that’s worth 30 Points. Don’t let tunnel vision overcome you. Those pesky planes are out to shoot you down. Keep scanning the target grid for your enemy’s locations. Once you’ve gotten a few "kills" you can enter your scores in the High Scores screen.


This game/simulator requires a fair amount of eye/hand coordination to be successful so check the tutorials and start off in Arcade mode to get acquainted with AirFight!

Quick Take

Would I Buy Again:

Learning Curve: 
A couple of days of practice should make playing the game a lot of fun!

Who is it for:
 Anyone who’s interested in aviation and simulated flying. AirFight uses the iPhone and iTouch technology very effectively. 

What I like: 
The graphics are crisp and lifelike. The sound is effective when you get near another aircraft and it passes by you on one side or the other!

What I Don’t like: 
 I’d like to see the "target grid" be a little larger or at least be able to be enlarged by spreading your fingers as in other applications. 

Final Statement:
 AirFight is an exciting air warfare game. You have to master some of the details of the application in order to be successful but it’s a lot of fun once you understand the concept of how to fly combat style. . . 

Having been a real pilot, I’m enjoying "flying" this game/Simulator. It’s quite natural in it’s portrayal of actual combat flying.

 On a scale of 1 to 5 This is a 5!


Read the Developer's Notes:
Beat your friends in AirFight!You engage in battle with a fighter in each of your iPhones or iPod touches via Wi-Fi. The player with the best tactical and flying skills has the best chance of emerging victorious. There is also a single-player mode for when you want to play on your own. The gaming experience is incredible. You pilot your plane with the help of the accelerometer and use multi-touch to fire your weaponry and regulate your speed. The 3-D graphics and sound effects create the atmosphere but it's the sensation of flight that's best about the game. A company that has developed flight simulators for the Swedish JAS Gripen fighter has helped in creating AirFight.Choose between:- Single-player and multi-player modes- Two different ways of piloting your plane - arcade or simulation mode- Three different degrees of difficulty- Battery-saving or normal mode- A variety of other featuresThe fighter is equipped with:- Machine guns and homing missiles- Orientation and information in Head Up Display

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