Alchemy Elements: A Full Glossary About An Unusual Philosophy

On November 12, 2010

App Type: Android

Alchemy Elements: A Full Glossary About An Unusual Philosophy

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By: Deeppowder Software

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Do you know the goal of alchemy? It is to attain wisdom and immortality, but it is also something geared at changing the natural makeup of certain elements and materials too. The Alchemy Elements app is designed to provide someone with access to many of the terms and concepts connected to this subject.

The Alchemy Elements app provides users with an easy way to learn all about the fundamental issues connected with alchemy. Whether they are a student or someone interested in attempting to convert base metals into gold, the data is all within easy reach. There is a searchable glossary that allows the user to input a single keyword to create their search, there is a way of sharing all discoveries through the Contact feature, and the app user might also choose to post comments about the information they discover and send these directly to the app creators. There is also a very handy tutorial that shows someone how to get the very most out of this comprehensive app.

There are many scientific and philosophical apps that are geared at educating the user, but the Alchemy Elements app is truly unique because it focuses on a single area of specialization and gives an enormous amount of information.

This app functions with all Android devices.

The cost for the app is $1.25 and all updates are made available for no additional charge.

If you want to learn about this somewhat mystical and historic philosophy, and all at your own pace, this is certainly an app to add to your device today.

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