All Pangea Games On Sale AND Bugdom 2 Released

On September 23, 2008

I knew the iPhone/iPod Touch was a good gaming device. I didn’t know HOW good until last night, though.

Out of curiousity I downloaded demos of Pangea’s Billy Frontier and Cro-Mag Rally. I didn’t try the iPhone versions mind you, but rather, I downloaded the Mac versions to my iMac and was amazed at the similaritites. The Mac and iPhone versions look, feel and play THE SAME! (In fact, the image above looks like it comes from the iPhone game but it is actually a picture of my Mac!)

Then I bought Enigmo for the iPhone and loaded a copy of it the desktop version that I got with an application bundle. All I can say is "WOW!" Wow as in, "I am absolutely blown away, I can’t believe they were able to get this onto an iPhone, this is stunning- WOW!". Both the graphics and the physics of the iPhone version are remarkable!

Since all but Enigmo were demo versions I don’t know if there are as many levels in the iPhone versions or not but I do know this- if there were any doubt that the iPhone/Touch runs a real version of Mac OS X before, there aren’t now. If there were any doubt that the iPhone/Touch renders graphics beautifully, there aren’t now either.

It was kind of mindblowing to realize that the iPhone version is the same as the Mac version… on a smaller screen.

Now two bits of good news come from Pangea…

First, Pangea’s Bugdom 2 has just been released for iPhone and iPod Touch.

According to Pangea- 

In this game you play Skip McFly, a grasshopper who explores the areas inside and around a house, and encounter both friends an enemies. You’ll have to perform tasks to get help from the other critters, and the game is loaded with unique gameplay on every level! For example, you’ll surf down the rain gutters, bomb anthills from a balsa airplane, rescue mice trapped in mousetraps, race in slot-cars, etc. etc. The graphics in Bugdom 2 are absolutely stunning! Beautiful 3D animation and great characters from spear-throwing roaches to blood-sucking ticks. No other iPhone game is as diverse as Bugdom 2, and we believe this is the best iPhone game that we’ve done so far.

I already downloaded a copy and they aren’t kidding! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay amazing. (I had the same response to the iPhone version as I did the desktop– I’m impressed with, but not a fan of, the desktop version and I am equally impressed with, but not a fan of, the iPhone version.)

Second, Pangea previously repriced their available games and right now ALL of their iPhone/Touch apps are 25% less. All, as in- Enigmo, Cro-Mag Rally, Billy Fronteir aND Bugdom 2.

It isn’t clear how long the sale will last so if you had been thinking about getting any of these games now would be an excellent time.