Am I in Love – Review – An app that answers one of life’s biggest questions for you, so you don’t have to!

On April 19, 2012

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Am I in Love – Review – An app that answers one of life’s biggest questions for you, so you don’t have to!

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By: Movisol Media SL

Version #: 2.1

Date Released: 2012-02-08

Developer: Movisol Media SL

Price: Free

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Love. She’s a funny old mistress. How can we count the many ways in which to define her? It’s pretty much impossible. However, with the latest relationship-assisting app, Am I in Love?, all your questions and self-doubts about whether you’re in love will be answered… kind of.

Granted, this app is not one that takes itself too seriously. It even contains a disclaimer saying that it’s an entertainment app and that if you really want to get a better insight into love then go read a book on it, you lazy bastards. Yet even as an entertainment app, its value is pretty limited.

Essentially what this incomprehensibly popular app is is a list of ten ultra-formulaic questions. Each has 3 answers you can pick from, and each is followed by an equally formulaic statement saying something like ‘If you’re really in love then you always think about him/her’ or ‘If you’re really in love then you want to go through the good and bad times together’ or some other equally cliched drivel.

Admittedly, some of the answers you can give are fairly anecdotal. A personal favourite is the option to say that you can picture having a conjoined grave with your loved one; what better way to make a girl feel uncomfortable? Sadly, once you’ve used this app once there is literally no point doing it again. The statements that follow the questions don’t adapt to your answers, and there just isn’t much sense of fun here. The cringe-worthy Steps To Love app is a much better mock-relationship guide if you want to get a shot of entertainment at love’s expense.

Quick Take

Value:High - just because it's free.

Would I Buy Again:Nah.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those who have so much self-doubt that they can't tell whether they're in love or not.

What I Like:It's so cheesy it's almost funny.

What I Don't Like:Once you've done it once, there's nothing left to see here.

Final Statement:A very limited but momentarily amusing mock-guide to love.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Test to eliminate your doubts.
With this very fun test, you will be able to verify how hard you have fallen for someone, how much you have in common, and even how to tell them what you feel.

The application "AM I IN LOVE?" will allow you to learn things about yourself that you probably did not know, at the same time it will give you an overview of the chances of you being "hooked" on someone. It will also provide you with clues and phrases to use on your lover.

"AM I IN LOVE?" is an entertainment application. To find detailed information on ethical, philosophical, moral behaviour rules, etc., we advise you to resort to adequate bibliography dealing with the subject in depth.

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