Amazing Ants Review – They need you!

On February 21, 2013

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Amazing Ants Review – They need you!

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By: Pocket Gems Publishing

Version #: 1.7

Date Released: 2013-01-23

Developer: Amazing Ants Support

Price: Free

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We have often heard stories and sayings about the hard working ants. But, those in the puzzler game Amazing Ants seems to be rather lazy and need your help to stock up for the winter.

Each level begins with few stranded ants, some scatter food and an ant-nest. Lead the ants to their home after collecting as many berries, plums, nuts and sugar crystals as you can. Tap on the ants and they start walking; tap again to jump. That all about the finger controls; the rest is in your brain!
These ants are dumb and they keep walking in a straight line, till they hit something and return walking. Keep sticks over pits, accelerate them for a climb, tie & cut ropes, pop bubbles, make jumps, rotate platforms, pass over sprinklers etc to move them as you want. Collect maximum fruits and make all ants reach the exit in the least time.

Currently 8 sets with 8 levels each are available; an extra mini level (with hundreds of ants and crazy themes) is also available in each set.  Stars are awarded based on you performance and coins gained can be used to unlock later levels, get hints, buy new ants, better fruits etc. Now, to the worst thing in the app. The jumps are limited and you need to buy them with coins, whenever you run out. A purchase will get you unlimited jumps which makes it equal to a payed app.

The 2D animations are sufficient for the gameplay while the music is adventurous. The puzzling experience is great and grows as game progresses because more items and obstacles are introduced, frequently. Apart from a little greed I mentioned before, this app is quite satisfactory for any puzzle game lover.

Quick Take

Value:Above average

Would I Buy Again:Yes, I love puzzles

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Of course, puzzle gamers

What I Like:The gameplay is great

What I Don't Like:Greedy in-app store

Final Statement:If puzzles are your thing and have some bucks to spare

Read the Developer's Notes:
Join the Amazing Ants in their eternal quest for fruit. THEY NEED YOU!

#1 iPad App in 30 Countries
#1 Puzzle game in 70+ countries.
Join over 1 MILLION players in this fun physics-based puzzler featuring the Amazing Ants.

"These little ants pack a punch .. The graphics are cute and colorful, really makes the game stand out" -

"Amazing Ants is a personality-filled puzzle game.. You're liable to have quite a bit of fun working through the impressive number of stages" - Appmodo

"No two levels of play the same." - Inside Social Games

"Cute, vibrant graphics, and easy controls. The levels are great" - 148apps

30 Best Apps of the Week - The Guardian

"Move out of the way Angry Birds, there's a new King in town" - A happy player

Help these Hungry Ants bring fruit home. Make these jumping ants FLY with Rocket Sticks, TUNNEL underground, FLOAT in soap bubbles, and BOUNCE off water sprinklers to get golden apples, luscious berries, and much more! Loaded with fun physics game play, challenging puzzles, and gorgeous graphics, Amazing Ants will keep you on the edge of your seat.


- Explore 99 Levels, Mini Games, and Bonus Stages spread across 8 Sets

- Groovy Ants and Fantastic Scenery. See the everyday world as the Ants see it.

- Fun Physics and Challenging Puzzles. Can you score 3 stars on each level?

- Rich in-game animation. Beautiful High Definition (HD) Retina Display Support

- Rockin’ Music

- Buy adorable costumes for your ants from the store.

- Challenge your friends on Game Center with 93 Achievement Levels!

Amazing Ants - Brought to you by Twyngo, Inc. Don’t Let the Ants Down!

PLEASE NOTE: this game lets you purchase items within the game for real money. Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.

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