American Ball for iPad, iPhone Review

On July 14, 2011

App Type: iPhone

American Ball for iPad, iPhone Review

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By: Ka ming Chan

Version #: 1.2.0

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Developer: By Sigma Game

Price: Free

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American Ball is a very popular arcade game and now the guys at Sigma Game are bringing it to your smart phone & tablet. It’s basically a carnival game, you have to throw a ball in a hole/circle and each hole gives you a different score. You only get nine throws per turn though, so you have to make the most of them. The higher your score, the more tickets you get, and this is where the game comes to its own.

At carnivals, if you hit a certain amount of points, you get a stuffed pink teddy bear or a lighter shaped as a guy on a horse (yes, I remember that lighter fondly, I wonder what happened to it?). Here you get tickets, and with those tickets you can buy stuff to spruce up your personal game lobby. So for instance you can put down carpets, prettier ceilings and all kinds of other fixtures. Mind you: you have to go back to the beginning to get all this stuff, and you may not succeed on your first go. However, there was something very rewarding at putting a clock on my wall.

All in all, carnivals are about the atmosphere, cotton candy and the tat you can win. American Ball provides the tat, and quite a bit of 3D atmosphere. Now if only they could give me some candy… As it’s completely free, I’d just give it a go.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars

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