RebTel: A Great Approach To Make Cheaper To Free International Calls

On May 31, 2010

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RebTel: A Great Approach To Make Cheaper To Free International Calls

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Imagine dialing an international telephone number into your smart phone and having an app offer you an option for a free or discounted cost for that call. Those using the RebTel app will get such an option because it enables the call to be placed directly through the RebTel service.

Millions of people have used WiFi generated free international calling options, but many view this as a somewhat convoluted approach to low cost or free calling. For one thing there is not usually a way to know if charges will apply until the telephone bill is received. Additionally, many of the plans ask the dialer to hang up and redial in order to complete the process.

With the RebTel app the caller simply dials in the international number (currently 50 countries are supported) and the app intercepts the call. If the user has disabled the WiFi option, the app will still channel the call through the RebTel service. Any rates will be revealed and the caller can accept, and if the call is free the app simply routes it directly.

There are a few other apps available for low cost or inexpensive international calling, but only the RebTel app seeks to provide people with access to entirely free calls. Generally, all calls will be free or at a minimal 90% rate discount over other options.

There is no charge to download the app, but some calls will have low international rates applied. The RebTel app currently functions with Android phones and devices.

If you are ready to use a new and revolutionary platform for making international telephone calls, this is definitely an app to download to your device right away.

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