Soonr: Helping Create True Mobility For Any Type Of Professional Team

On November 25, 2009

App Type: Android, Blackberry, iPhone

Soonr: Helping Create True Mobility For Any Type Of Professional Team

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Modern business operations can often mean working with teams far from your actual location. This has been made much easier thanks to the Internet, but there are still some challenges. The Soonr app tackles the most current roadblocks for successful teamwork in a highly mobile world.

The Soonr app allows anyone to access files, view them without performing a full download, collaborate with fellow team members, and even print or fax directly from the app. Those using the app will be able to organize all collaborative projects, and even independent ones, with individual files in the workspace. These files and folders are automatically backed up to the Soonr website servers for full accessibility from any location.

The user can then create links to allow public viewing, share folders and items with their team, print documents from their mobile device, and create faxes to which documents are attached. The app automatically connects with the onboard Contacts list and any Outlook installations to facilitate easy communication too.

The Soonr app brings together some of the most handy features for the team work environment, and unlike other productivity apps such as My Files or Briefcase, it does allow offline accessibility and full backups.

The Soonr app functions only with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. There is no cost for the app, but all users must have the free desktop software installed for full functionality.

When you are looking for a comprehensive tool for mobile work and productivity, this is the app to acquire right away.

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