Quickoffice: Create, Edit And Publish Your Word And Excel Documents

On August 31, 2009
Quickoffice: Create, Edit And Publish Your Word And Excel Documents

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By: Quickoffice

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People who work away from their offices are usually obliged to tote around a laptop computer if they hope to attain any sort of productivity while on the road. Sometimes they can’t even get to their laptop, but still need to address some issues with documents or spreadsheets. This is when the Quickoffice app can step in and save the day.

This is a remarkably efficient and high-performing app offering the user the capability of creating, editing, and sending MS Word and Excel documents through their mobile device. This app works independently without MS Exchange and allows full editorial options and features for the two most common Office program files.

Users will be able to create and edit Word files, including formatting text, correcting spelling and grammar automatically, add and format tables, insert lists of any kind, and save in a wide range of file types. They will also be able to add or edit Excel spreadsheets and do every type of formatting, data entry, formula insertion, and more through this intuitive and easy to use app.

The Quickoffice app will also allow the user access to email attachments through the application. The user can quickly find the files they need and work with them at the most desirable levels possible.

While there are already many apps which allow users of Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, iPhone and iPod Touch devices to work with MS Word and Excel files, few can deliver such a huge range of editorial options as this app.

The Quickoffice app costs $12.99 for the download, and is among the most highly rated of the business applications currently available.

If you need access to MS Office documents while on the road or away from your office you will want to get this app immediately.

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